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Price reductions at Gardens and Homes Direct

by Sarah - March 20th, 2016.
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Reduced price on products today at Gardens and Homes Direct

 was £3.29 now £2.99
Our Corsica saucers are designed to accompany a Corsica vertical garden; simply place underneath your stack to provide immediate protection from root rot, improving the health of your plants and flowers. Features: Clover-shaped saucer, suitable for using with the Corsica Vertical Garden planters. Place one at the bottom of a Corsica vertical garden stack to help prevent root rot and improve the health of your plants and flowers. Available in a range of colours, and also available for the small Corsica vertical garden. Dimensions: Size: H2 x W35 x D25cm

 was £9.49 now £3.49
Specifically designed to provide ducks, swans and other water birds with the vitamins and nutrients they need, simply scatter on the water or bank to attract birds. Great for homes by riversides, inviting birds into your garden. Features: Designed to provide water birds with essentials vitamins and minerals. Attracts swans, ducks andother water birds to your garden. Simply scatter into a body of water, or a bank. Dimensions: Weight: 650g

 was £4.99 now £3.99
Celebrate the best time of day with this solid wood and glass-shaped Wine O’Clock wall sign. The perfect gift for the wine lover in your life, simply hang from a wall using a nail or screw and the pre-cut holes in the back. Features: Solid wooden sign shaped like a wine glass. Hangs easily from a nail or screw using the pre-cut holes on the back. Dimensions: Size: H27.5 x W12cm

 was £5.49 now £4.99
Decorating your balcony or fences has never been easier, thanks to our Corsica Easy Hanger range. The integrated hook design allows you to easily hang the planter anywhere, and the overflow pipe and integrated saucer ensure your plants remain happy and healthy, and protected from root rot. Available in a range of colours. Features: Decorative plant pot with hanger – perfect for easily decorating fences and balconies. Designed with an overflow pipe, comes with pre-fitted saucer to ensure your plants and flowers are healthy and protected from root rot. Dimensions: Size: H26 x W27 x D19cm Holds 2.4 litres.

 was £7.99 now £5.17
Our ELHO Green Basics range is designed to provide you with practical gardening solutions at a reasonable price; crafted from 100%-recycled weather-proof plastics, the Square planter is an attractive and reliable home for your favourite plants. Available in a range of colours and sizes, you can guarantee that your plants will create a striking display anywhere around your home; we particularly like these planters as part of a porch or front door display, to create an inviting walkway! Features: Part of the ELHO Green Basics range of affordable gardening solutions with quality you can trust. Square planters with raised bases, made from 100%-recycled plastics, provoding a resilient, weather-proof home for your favourite…

 was £9.49 now £8.99
Our ELHO Loft range is designed with the latest trends in mind, bringing contemporary style and elegance to your garden, balcony and patio; designed to be easy to use and low-maintenance, the Loft Urban Hanging Basket is crafted from high-quality weather-proof plastic and features a built-in reservoir for holding water, keeping your plants happy and healthy. The Hanging Basket guarantees that you’ll always have a home for your favourite plants and flowers, hanging from a wall, fence or similar fixture to create vibrant and unique displays anywhere and everywhere. Features: An ingenuitive way to decorate balconies, patios and fences; simply fill up the planter and hang from the provided chain. Built-in water reservoirs…

 was £9.99 now £9.00
This heavy duty seed feeder is suitable for hanging anywhere in your garden, including from tree branches and feeding stations. The polished cast aluminium feeder is appropriate for feeding seed mix, sunflower seeds or peanuts, and can hold up to 600g of seed mix. Coated with Feedsafe to prevent bacterial growth, you can be sure your local wild birds are healthy and well-fed, bringing natural life to your garden. Features: Hangs from tree branches or feeding stations, anywhere in your garden. Polished cast aluminium feeder, suitable for seed mix, sunflower seeds and peanuts. Holds up to 600g. Coated with Feedsafe, to prevent bacterial growth. Dimensions:…

 was £10.49 now £9.99
The Corsica range combines high-quality construction with the latest design innovations to bring you incredible new ways to decorate your garden and home, with weather-proofing design to ensure your garden looks great for the longest time. With its clover-shaped stackable design, the contemporary Corsica is great for creating vibrant and extraordinary towers of your favourite flora. The Corsica vertical garden can stack up to five planters high, and allows for different colour pots to be stacked together to make striking towers. We also sell matching saucers, to help prevent root rot and improve the health of your plants; also available in a smaller size. Features: Create a unique garden fixture – stack the planters, mix-and-match colours,…

 was £15.99 now £12.99
Features: Luscious scent of rich creamy butter and sweet vanilla toffee. Made in the USA with high quality wicks and new True to Life scents to provide long-lasting, warming fragrance. Cheerful Candles focus on employing adult individuals with mental disabilities. Their Wickers receive a fair living wage and complete as much work as they are comfortable with. Holds 16 ounces, burns for up to 80 hours. Dimensions: Weight: 16oz Burns for up to 80 hours.