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Price reductions at Suttons Seeds

by Sarah - March 30th, 2016.
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Suttons Seeds has cut the price of these items

Cherry Tree - Regina

Cherry Tree – Regina was £18.99 now £9.48
An outstanding cherry bearing a heavy crop of very large dark red, high quality fruit 2-3 weeks later than Summer Sun. Exquisitely flavoured and very juicy! Resistant to cracking. Pollination group 5.Given that cherries are such a well loved fruit, it’s surprising that they are not more widely grown in our gardens. Grown on Colt rootstock, giving a very productive tree with good fruit size, but compact growth so it can be grown in a small space, either free-standing or trained against a wall or fence. Full growing instructions included.

Apple Tree - Braeburn (Clone Helena)

Apple Tree – Braeburn (Clone Helena) was £18.99 now £9.48
Braeburn is one of the best-selling apple varieties in Britain and can now (thanks to this earlier cropping new clone) be grown very successfully in UK gardens. Pick from mid October and store for up to 4 months without losing the superb crisp texture! Grown on M26 rootstock. Pollination group 3. Supplied as a bare root tree.

Cherry Tree - Crown Morello

Cherry Tree – Crown Morello was £18.99 now £9.48
The best sour cherry! Produces large, small stoned fruit with a delicious tart flavour. Makes a wonderful cherry pie. Vigorous, hardy and hugely productive. RHS Award of Garden Merit winner. (Part of the English Heritage fruit variety range.)

Plum Tree - Victoria

Plum Tree – Victoria was £19.99 now £9.98
Our best seller! Deservedly the most popular and most widely planted plum in Britain. Delicious eaten fresh off the tree, it also cooks well. Reliable and very heavy cropping. RHS Award of Garden Merit winner.

Apple Tree - Queen Cox Self Fertile

Apple Tree – Queen Cox Self Fertile was £19.99 now £9.98
The Nations Favourite! Will set great fruits without a pollinator. Fruit is juicy and sweet with a typical mellow ‘Cox’ taste. Deep red flush, excellent keeper. RHS Award of Garden Merit winner.

Nut Tree - Sweet Almond Sultane

Nut Tree – Sweet Almond Sultane was £19.99 now £9.98
Valuable as much for the beauty of its early spring flowers as for its fruit which needs a hot summer to develop properly. Self-fertile.

Plum Tree - Yellow Pershore

Plum Tree – Yellow Pershore was £19.99 now £9.98
Second in popularity only to Victoria. Yellow bloomy skin. Firm, dry yellow flesh. Plum Yellow Pershore is reliable and self fertile. RHS Award of Garden Merit winner.

Pear Tree - Beurre Hardy

Pear Tree – Beurre Hardy was £19.99 now £9.98
Large sweet and juicy with delicious melting flesh, a reliable heavy cropper. Vigorous variety, able to succeed in heavy clay soils.

Pear Tree - Louise Bonne D'Avranches

Pear Tree – Louise Bonne D’Avranches was £19.99 now £9.98
The medium sized fruits are pale green-yellow with a deep red flush. The flesh is tinged pink, totally smooth, juicy and very sweet.