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New products at Van Meuwen

by Sarah - April 5th, 2016.
Filed under: Jersey Plants, New Products.

New product today at Van Meuwen

Agapanthus 'Northern Star' (Large Plant) - 1 agapanthus plant in 3 litre pot

Agapanthus ‘Northern Star’ (Large Plant) – 1 agapanthus plant in 3 litre pot £12.99
Are you tempted by the beautiful, globe-shaped blooms of African Blue Lillies but concerned that they will struggle in the changeable British climate? Perhaps the ‘Northern Star’ variety of Agapanthus is the answer to your prayers! Not only does it produce an abundance of deep blue flower umbels in mid to late summer, but it is among the toughest plants of its kind. This hardy Agapanthus cultivar has attractive strap-shaped leaves and the foliage retains its green colour with a dark violet flush at the base, in most conditions, throughout the winter - particularly when given a sheltered spot. Height: 90cm (2’1"); Spread: 45cm (1’6").