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Price reductions at Van Meuwen

by Sarah - April 12th, 2016.
Filed under: Jersey Plants, Price Reductions.

Lots of price reductions today at Van Meuwen

Strawberry Planter - 1 Strawberry Planter

Strawberry Planter – 1 Strawberry Planter was £14.98 now £4.99
This practical planter lets you grow delicious strawberries on patios or in small gardens. The fruit is easy to pick, and the planter can be used again and again, folding flat for storage. Capacity: 40 litres. (Plants not included)Useful links:How to grow strawberries

Summer Bedding Surprise Plug Tray Packs - 24 plug tray plants - 2 varieties

Summer Bedding Surprise Plug Tray Packs – 24 plug tray plants – 2 varieties was £5.99 now £4.99
This is a great way to purchase your half-hardy annuals! The Lucky Dip package of plug tray plant packs presents an exciting Summer Bedding Surprise and you will receive the best deal in any range. The bedding plants are all easy to grow and will guarantee to fill your garden pots and borders with colour. The Summer Bedding Surprise Plug Tray Packs are carefully selected from an extensive range, providing you with variety and interest - and great value for money of course.See also our Summer Bedding Surprise Garden-ready Packs.

Poppy 'Angels Choir Mixed' - 24 poppy plug plants

Poppy ‘Angels Choir Mixed’ – 24 poppy plug plants was £8.99 now £5.99
These outstanding poppies are the result of years of breeding to create wonderful double blooms with a silky texture, in a selection of pastel shades and picotees. Like its wild poppy cousins, Poppy ‘Angels Choir Mixed’ puts on a terrific show through early and mid-summer, setting seed in late summer and producing lots of seedlings the following year. These hardy annuals will grow in any soil, looking fantastic planted in drifts in beds and borders where they will attract bees. Height: 70cm (28"). Spread: 30cm (12"). Supplied as plug plants.

Mimulus 'Leopard Print Mix' - 24 mimulus plug tray plants

Mimulus ‘Leopard Print Mix’ – 24 mimulus plug tray plants was £8.99 now £5.99
Mimulus ‘Leopard Print’ gives a punch of colour in places that most need it! This shade loving annual is ideal for those gloomy spots that rarely see the sun. Enjoy exotic colours and orchid like blooms from June to August with this lovely blend of Monkey Flowers. These compact bushy plants are perfect for growing in borders, containers or hanging baskets. Height: 23cm (9"). Spread: 30cm (12").

Petunia 'Express Union Jack Mix' - 24 petunia plug tray plants

Petunia ‘Express Union Jack Mix’ – 24 petunia plug tray plants was £8.99 now £5.99
Create a celebratory display for your hanging baskets, Flower Pouches™, patio pots or borders, with this vigorous and great value Petunia ‘Express Union Jack Mix’. Fast-growing plants bloom in abundance, all summer long in a flurry of red, white and blue, without the need for cutting back. With good weather tolerance to hot or cold weather, these petunias are perfect for our unpredictable British summers. Height: 30cm (12"). Spread: 60cm (24"). Supplied as plug tray plants.

Verbena 'Union Jack' - 24 verbena plug tray plants

Verbena ‘Union Jack’ – 24 verbena plug tray plants was £8.49 now £5.99
Create a patriotic display that is fit for a King (or Queen) with the trailing stems of Verbena ‘Union Jack’. Regal shades of red, white and blue flowers make a spectacular display. These fabulous trailing Verbena plants are perfect for filling your hanging baskets and patio containers, or let them tumble over the edges of a window box for a cascade of colour. Height and spread: 25cm (10"). Supplied as plug tray plants.

Chrysanthemum 'Double American Spray' - 5 chrysanthemum plug plants

Chrysanthemum ‘Double American Spray’ – 5 chrysanthemum plug plants was £7.49 now £6.49
The bright, cheery blooms of these colourful spray chrysanthemums are produced in abundance on strong branching stems. Unlike other varieties which are ‘disbudded’ to encourage large single flowers, Chrysanthemum ‘Double American Spray’ doesn’t require any fiddly disbudding making it a great low-maintenance alternative for the late summer and autumn garden. Enjoy their vibrant display in beds, borders and as cut flowers indoors. Collection comprises: ‘Pamela Bronze’, ‘Pamela Gold’, ‘Wendy Red’, ‘Gompie White’ and ‘Gompie Purple’. Height: 75cm (30”). Supplied as 30mm plugs.

Chrysanthemum 'Decorative' - 5 chrysanthemum plug plants

Chrysanthemum ‘Decorative’ – 5 chrysanthemum plug plants was £7.49 now £6.49
Superb for cutting! Strong stems carry splendid blooms up to 10cm (4") across. An exuberant display of colour for late summer borders. Collection comprises: ‘Beppie Bronze’, ‘Beppie Yellow’, ‘Beppie White’, ‘Beppie Red’ and ‘Beppie Rose’.Height: 90cm (36"). Supplied as 30mm plugs.

Chrysanthemum 'Incurving Collection' - 5 chrysanthemum plug plants

Chrysanthemum ‘Incurving Collection’ – 5 chrysanthemum plug plants was £7.49 now £6.49
Magnificent blooms, up to10cm (4") across! The exuberant flowers of incurving chrysanthemums make a bold impact in borders in late summer. Cut their long stems for vibrant displays in vases and bouquets. Collection comprises: ‘Allouise Orange’, ‘Allouise Pink’, ‘Allouise White’, ‘Regal Mist Red’ and ‘Regal Mist Purple’. Height: 90cm (36”). Supplied as 30mm plugs.