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New products at GreenFingers

by John - April 21st, 2016.
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GreenFingers just added these new products

FSC Elite Arch

FSC Elite Arch £119.99
This substantial arch is an ideal way to add some interest to garden paths or to add height to your garden as a focal point. The lattice sides of this treated timber arch act as a natural support for plants to be grown up and over the rungs of the upper arch. Ideally to fix arch to the ground it should be bedded into the ground 17-18 inches deep.Dimensions: 100cm (w) x 45cm (d) x 250cm highOuter width: 100cmInner width: 91cmWidth of supporting side: 4.5cm on either sidePlease note: The measurements include the 17-18 to be inserted into the ground.

Bosmere Flexi Edge Lawn Edging 4 x 55cm Multi-Buy

Bosmere Flexi Edge Lawn Edging 4 x 55cm Multi-Buy £14.99
Bosmere Flexi Edge Lawn Edging can be shaped to any curve and simply slots into place and is now available as a great value Multi-Buy.It keeps your lawn edges neat and tidy without the need to trim them and it also holds gravel soil and mulch in place. It is perfect for use along lawn edges and flower beds or around trees bushes and fountains. Rot proof. Maintenance free. Will fit to any shape lawn. Use an edge knife or spade to form a slot in the soil place the flexi edge into the soil and simply tap into the ground with a rubber hammer. Contents: 4 x 55cm Edging stripDimensions: L55 x H15cm

Recycled Rubber Edging - Flexi Curve Roman Stone 1.22m

Recycled Rubber Edging – Flexi Curve Roman Stone 1.22m £11.99
Make your garden even more beautiful and eco-friendly at the same time the Flexi Curve Roman Stone Rubber Edging. This versatile edging is made from recycled materials and is perfect for defining beds and paths.Features:Made from recycled materialsEasy to installWeather and UV resistantCreate form and beauty in your garden with these eco-friendly recycled rubber edgings. Not only are they lightweight and easy to install but they are also very resistant to the weather and sun. The recycled rubber is very durable and scratch resistant and will not stain.These rubber edgings have been made from recycled rubber and have already saved millions of tyres from filling up landfills or rubbish tips. By using these instead of traditional edgings you are helping to reduce the world

Design Toscano Ashes The Gothic Gargoyle Garden Statue

Design Toscano Ashes The Gothic Gargoyle Garden Statue £32.99
Every garden has a darker shady corner where this Design Toscano Ashes The Gothic Gargoyle Garden Statue would fit in perfectly.This brooding gothic charmer has been cast in quality designer resin which has been hand painted to give him an aged look just as if he had climbed down off the side of a medieval cathedral. Stone effect finish.Fine detail. Hand painted. Authentic gothic looking sculpture. Gargoyles were thought to ward off evil spirits from the buildings that they protected and this thoughtful looking grotesquery will certainly keep evil influences at bay as he brings his own dark charm to your garden or conservatory.Dimensions: W23 x D24 x H28cmWeight: 1kgPlease note that flying buttresses are not included.

Norfolk Leisure Iceni Waterproof Storage Bench - 4.5 x 3ft

Norfolk Leisure Iceni Waterproof Storage Bench – 4.5 x 3ft £135.99
Combing a stunning outdoor bench with a large storage box the Norfolk Iceni Waterproof Storage Bench is a versatile and functional piece of outdoor furniture that will quickly become an essential part of your gardening experience. With a storage capacity of 265-litres and made out of durable resin that will never rot or decay this is a garden investment that will benefit you for years to come.Features:High quality resinCreate stunning outdoor storage spaceWater-proof storageSpace for padlockDual functionFurniture colour: Dark Brown Wood EffectDouble up on function with the Norfolk Iceni Waterproof Storage Bench. This stunning piece of outdoor furniture is not only a large and comfortable bench but it also features a large storage box underneath.Whether you are looking to store outdoor cushions garden equipment or outdoor toys for the kids this box has plenty of space and thanks to its water-tight design it is also perfect for storing animal and bird food. This storage unit is also ideal for storing pool and hot tub accessories close by the pool for easy access while out swimming. This outdoor storage box features a space for a padlock (not included) so that you can safely leave things out in your garden without having to worry about them.The durable and long-lasting resin is famous for its high quality and will never rot corrode or decay making this a low maintenance piece of outdoor furniture. Suitable for outdoor use.Dimensions:Iceni Storage Bench 265-litre Capacity:H84 x W140 x D60cmWeight: 18kgWith its double function nature the Norfolk Iceni Waterproof Storage Bench is a highly versatile piece of outdoor furniture that will provide years of pleasurable use.

Design Toscano - Gazing Garden Fairy Statue

Design Toscano – Gazing Garden Fairy Statue £22.99
The Toscano Gazing Garden Fairy Statue is an ultra impressive execution of ardent design and is something a little different to the usual outdoor features that spot the gardens of many a street. This stunning fairy is caught in a pensive pose with her eyes fixated on a crystal orb in her hand. With the wings active the attention to detail is there for all to see and the delicate lines employed in the hair serve as further example of the consummate craftsmanship that went into creating this piece. Made out of resin and with a stone faux finish the stunning female is inline with the archetypal ornament aesthetic yet its divine charm laces it with a distinctive individuality. This is a bona fide glorious piece suitable for any garden which lends itself toward the unusual and mystical.Or put the angel in your home as its style would accomodate a kitchen or living area. Toscano have a long standing reputation for developing mighty impressive outdoor features and this fairy with its Disney-like disposition reflects a high level of hard to miss beauty. Dimensions: L14 x W29 x H21.5 cm deep. Please note that this sculpture is a slightly darker grey colour than it appears in the image.

Terra FSC Fir Raised Cold Frame -  120cm wide

Terra FSC Fir Raised Cold Frame – 120cm wide £59.99
This large Terra FSC Fir Raised Cold Frame allows you to start your seedlings earlier or harden off plants moved on from your greenhouse. It also eliminates any awkward bending down to reach the ground.Stained redWith this cold frame you can be sure that as you grow your own delicious fruit or vegetables they are protected from any pests. Manufactured from high quality fir sourced from FSC Certified managed forests it features polycarbonate panels.Dimensions: W120 x D50 x H93cmGround to Base: 42.5cmClick here for Wood Information. Requires Adobe Reader. Click here for Assembly Instructions.

Replacement Canopy for Regency Swing Gazebo - Natural

Replacement Canopy for Regency Swing Gazebo – Natural £39.99
This is the Replacement Canopy for the Regency Swing Gazebo only.Please click here to view Regency Swing Gazebo – NaturalPlease note: No dimensions are showing because this canopy is for the Regency Swing Gazebo LS6664D only. The warranty would be null and void should it be used for a different gazebo.

Concrete Parasol Base 20kg Anthracite

Concrete Parasol Base 20kg Anthracite £24.99
Whatever parasol model you may have make sure it stays grounded with this anthracite Concrete Parasol Base. Cast in heavy concrete this base features a centralising cup to help keep your parasol upright and is coated in contemporary style resin for an unobtrusive look. Suitable for parasols with 2.5m to 2.7m canopies Will fit poles sized 18-36mm Dimensions: 49cm diameter x H41cmWeight: 20kgPlease note: caution must be taken during windy conditions. Please do not leave a parasol in a table unattended. Looking for a new parasol? Please click here to view our Parasols and Shades Department.

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