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New products at Jersey Plants Direct

by Sarah - April 21st, 2016.
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Jersey Plants Direct just added this new product

Dahlia and Guernsey Lily Collection 13 Bulbs

Dahlia and Guernsey Lily Collection 13 Bulbs £14.99
Save 55% with our Dahlia & Guernsey Lillie Collection You’ll be in for a spectacular show of Summer colour, with our Dahlia and Guernsey Lille Collection – now just £14.99 (was £32.97)In this fabulous collection you will receive a total of 13 Bulbs including, Dahlias 5 Bulbs, Dahlia Collerette Collection 5 Bulbs and Guernsey Lillies 3 Bulbs. You will be able to create spectacular displays with a riot of the most beautiful coloured Dahlias for Mid-Summer flowering and Guernsey Lilies for vivid firework-like red blooms come the early Autumn. Get yours now and look forward to vibrant year on year colour with so little effort … don’t miss this one!