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New products at Gardens and Homes Direct

by Sarah - April 22nd, 2016.
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New products at Gardens and Homes Direct

Our Scotts Evengreen Drop Lawn Spreader allows easy, fast and accurate spreading of lawn seed and feed care granules, or moss and weed control treatments. The variable settings may be set by the type of product you are using so it not only gives a correct and even spread but also cuts down wastage. Because it spreads in a straight drop, it also prevents the accidental application of seed and treatments in beds and borders. Features: Quick, accurate and easy, even spread of seed, weed and feed treatments. Adjustable spread settings for different treatments.  Comfortable, sturdy soft grip handle with on/off control. Sturdy construction.Full instructions included. Spreading Width 45cm/18in.

The ergonomically designed forward tilted handle of our Spear & Jackson Elements Border Fork is designed for optimum digging and lifting to take some of the hard work out of tending your garden. The fork head is specially designed to access limited spaces between your border shrubs and plants. Made from premium quality carbon steel on a solid, lacquered, weatherproofed ash shaft with a D shaped handle.Features:• Heat treated (hardened) carbon steel head for strength and durability.• Hammer finish epoxy coated head for improved resistance to rust, scratches, humidity and alkalines in the soil • Weatherproofed (clear lacquered) Ash wood shaft for greater durabilityDimensions:Blade Length 23cm/9in x Width 14cm/5.5in Shaft 70cm/28in

Gro-Sure Smart Lawn Feed is ideal for over-seeding or seeding a new lawn. Simply spread or shake onto desired area – on average, it covers 40 square metres. Features: Lawn seed for over seeding, or seeding new lawns. Shake or spread onto desired area. Covers 40 sq m. Dimensions: 1.6kg pack. Covers 40 sq m.

Keep your garden looking its best with Aftercut Patch Fix, designed specifically for repairing patches on your lawn. Use it to treat patches to achieve greener and healthier grass instantly, treating up to 27 square metres in under 3 days! The Even Flo Spreader design enables quick and easy use thanks to its innovative and unique ball design. We recommend you use this product between February and September for best effect. Features: Patch repairer with spreader. Use to treat damaged areas of your lawn to achieve greener and healthier grass. Comes in a hand held lawn spreader. Covers 27 sq m. For best effect, use between February and September. Dimensions: 2.4kg hand-held spreader. Covers 27 sq m.

Miracle-Gro Dog Spot Repair is an excellent, easy-to-use one-step solution for repairing lawns damaged by dogs or other animals. Dog Spot Repair is great for repairing damage caused by dog urine, traffic and digging, and repairs up to 130 spots based on a 16cm diameter. It repairs spots by producing a strong grass seedling establishment and growth, using gypsum to minimise the effects of salts from dog urine, and coir to ensure healthy green grass. Features: Repair lawns damaged by dogs and other animals. Repairs spots caused by problems such as dog urine, high traffic and digging. Repairs up to 130 spots based on 16cm diameter. Dimensions: 1293g bottle. Repairs up to 130 spots (16cm diameter)

Bring your garden back to life with our Westland Aftercut All-in-One Lawn Feed and Weed & Moss Killer. It simultaneously kills weeds and eliminates moss, while revitalising your lawn and ensuring it grows greener and stronger. Features: Keep your garden looking healthy and beautiful with this combination lawn feed and weed & moss killer. Comes with a spreader, and unique ‘ball design’ for easy use. Works in seven days. Dimensions: 2.8kg pack

Keep your garden looking its best with Aftercut Lawn Thickener, which keeps your grass looking lush by providing it with nutrients such as potassium to create a rich, hardwearing lawn. The innovative Even Flo design makes it easy to spread, covering up to 80 square metres easily. For best results, use between February and September. Features: Lawn-thickening lawn feed. Comes in spreading pack. Keeps your grass lush and healthy, providing nutrients such as potassium to create a rich green lawn. Comes with Even Flo Spreader for quick and easy use. Best when used between February and September. Dimensions: 2.8kg spreader pack Covers 80 sq m.

Re-vitalise your lawn in just three days with Westland Aftercut Three-Day Green. Use the convenient and easy-to-use spreader to coat your lawn, covering up to 80 square metres, making it beautiful and healthy again! Features: Lawn feed with included spreader. Works in just three days to make your lawn healthy and beautiful again. Comes with spreader, covers up to 80 sq m. Dimensions: 2.8kg pack with spreader. Covers 80 sq m.

Use our EverGreen Cut & Feed Lawn Spreader to spread lawn care of your choice on your lawn effortlesly, ideal for applying EverGreen granular lawn feeds to ensure best results. Features: Hand-held lawn spreader, suitable for EverGreen seed and fertiliser granules. Easy to use, with arm support for improved comfort.