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New products at Gardens and Homes Direct

by Sarah - April 30th, 2016.
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Gardens and Homes Direct has these new products today

The Stamford Bistro Set is an excellent addition to your garden, bringing class and comfort to your patio. Crafted from hardwood Acacia, which has few knots, is strong and resistant to weathering, the Stamford is built to last. Invite friends or family to join you for a coffee in the comfort of your own garden, or simply relax and soak in the atmosphere. Chairs feature comfortable and detachable cushions, colour co-ordinated to match, and are weather-resistant and washable. The Stamford bistro set is also available in white or natural oil. Features: Features two cushioned chairs and a round table. Crafted from high quality Acacia wood, a smooth natural hardwood, providing strength and durability, including weather resistance. Chairs come with detachable, colour coordinated padded cushions….

Roundup Fast Action Refill Weedkiller is great for removing weeds from patios, driveways, paths and flower beds. The ready-to-use solution is suitable for using in garden sprayers, such as the Roundup Pump ‘N’ Go sprayer. Covers up to 150 square metres. For best results, use between April and November. Features: Pre-mixed refill for the Pump ‘N’ Go sprayer. Ideal for rapid treatment of weeds on patios, paths, driveways and flower beds. Covers 150 sq m. Dimensions: 5L re-fill bottle Covers 150 sq m.

Gro-Sure Multi-Purpose Lawn Seed is a specially formulated blend of nutrients designed to enrich and strengthen your lawn, protecting it from damage associated with foot traffic while making it green and lush. Each seed is coated with a bird deterrent, as well as micro nutrients to improve healthy rooting and rapid establishment, with organic compounds to attract and retain moisture to encourage rapid germination and establishment. Features: Multi-purpose lawn feed – makes a lush, green lawn that is strong enough to withstand foot traffic. Seeds are coated with a bird deterrent and organic compounds to encourage germination and rapid establishment. Great for use with a lawn spreader – covers 50 sq m. Dimensions: 1.5kg box Covers 50 sq m.

Gro-Sure Tough Grass Lawn Seed is perfect for growing durable and hard-wearing lawns with improved resistance to wear and tear. The micro-nutrient coated seeds are protected from general stress and bird attack, ensuring your lawn grows stronger and more durable. Simply use the provided, easy-to-use seed applicator – this box covers up to 50 square metres. Features: Lawn seed for growing stronger, tougher grass. Grows hard wearing lawns resistant to wear and tear. Coated seeds are protected from stress and bird attacks. Covers 50 sq m. Dimensions: Covers 50 sq m.

Roundup Fast Acting Concentrate Weed Control is ideal for eliminating weeds in a large area, killing weeds down to the roots to prevent them from growing back, taking action in hours. Once diluted, the 210ml bottle can cover up to 140 square metres. Features: Concentrated weedkiller formula. Kills weeds down to the root so they won’t come back. Starts working in hours, fully degrading in soil to allow replanting. Covers up to 140 sq m once diluted. Dimensions: 210ml bottle (concentrate) Covers up to 140 sq m once diluted.

Westland Gro-Sure Finest Lawn Seed is great for those who want a healthy luxurious or ornamental lawn, promoting growth of a velvety, lush green lawn. Simply apply by hand on well-prepared soil for new lawns. Can also be used to overseed old lawns. Covers 10 square metres. Features: Promotes a fine turf for luxury & ornamental lawns. Treats up to 10 square metres. Dimensions: Treats up to 10 sq m.

Vitax Conifer & Shrub feed is ideal for feeding acid-loving shrubs and plants such as azalea and rhododendrons, providing vital elements needed for early establishment and vigorous growth, with extended nitrogen release to ensure nutrients are available as your plants grow. Features: Fertiliser for acid-loving shrubs and plants. Contains vital nutrients and early establishment and vigorous growth, with extended release nitrogen. Dimensions: 2.5kg box of pellets

Vitax Q4 is a high-quality general purpose fertiliser, suitable for use with a varietry of plants and flowers to encourage vigorous growth, abundant flwoering and ripening of fruit, and is a favourite of both amateur and professional gardeners. Supplied in an easy-to-use pellet form, simply scatter the required quantity on your garden into moist soil, and lightly hoe in. For roses, Vitax Q4 should be mixed into the soil prior to planting, and then used as an annual dressing every Spring. With flowers and vegetables, apply Q4 prior to planting. Vegetables should be top dressed with Q4 once or twice during the growing season. For tomatoes and crysanthemums, apply prior to planting and then use as a regular feed at 3 to 4 weekly intervals throughout the season. Features: General purpose fertiliser…

Clay soil can be slow to warm up, slow to drain, and difficult to dig over – use Vitax Clay Breaker to improve the texture, drainage and warmth of clay soil in your garden, wihtout damaging soil pH. Can also be used as an autumn top dressing on lawns. Features: Clay breaker, for improving drainage and enhancing soil warmth of clay soils. Improves texture of clay soil, without damaging soil pH. Can be applied as an autumn top dressing on lawns. Dimensions: 2.5kg box