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New products at PondKeeper

by John - May 19th, 2016.
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PondKeeper has these new products today

PondXpertVariflow 20000 Pond Pump

PondXpertVariflow 20000 Pond Pump £219.99
This pump is unique to the market!
This filter pump has been designed to be able to provide a variable flow of water from 9300lph to 19800lph.
The ability to control the flow has a number of uses:
– Spectacular waterfalls can taken on a number of appearances
– waterfalls can be made quieter during darkness
– Flow can be reduced during winter
– Flow can be increased as your pond or fish stocks grow!

Ubbink Waterfall Maxi

Ubbink Waterfall Maxi £69.99
The “Maxi” is the largest model in the waterfall range from Ubbink. It’s preformed construction contains a number of falls and pools to create a real focal point in the garden.

Ubbink Waterfall Left

Ubbink Waterfall Left £39.99
Enjoy the effect as the water tumbles from pool to pool before ending its journey in your pond.
Can be used alone or as part of a larger waterfall system by joining to other watercourses from the “Ubbink Standard” range.

Ubbink Top/Start/Header Pool

Ubbink Top/Start/Header Pool £39.99
This header pool from Ubbink has been designed to be run alone or as a feed to other waterfalls in the “Ubbink Standard” range.

Ubbink Waterfall Right

Ubbink Waterfall Right £39.99
Natural looking waterfall to be used alone or integrated into other watercourses within the “Apollo Standard” range.

PondXpert SolarAir Plus 150 - Solar Oxygenator With Lithium Battery Back-Up

PondXpert SolarAir Plus 150 – Solar Oxygenator With Lithium Battery Back-Up £29.99
This solar air pump will inject additional oxygen into your pond day or night. Increasing the oxygen level in your pond water creates a healthier balance and is vital for fish health. The additional oxygen is particularly required during darkness – this solar pump stores energy so can provide a continuous supply of air.
This is a ‘neat’ solution as the air pump and battery are integrated into the rear of the solar panel.

Ubbink Waterfall Mini

Ubbink Waterfall Mini £29.99
Ubbink “standard” watercourses are quality preformed pond waterfalls at a highly competitive price. This ‘Mini’ fall has been designed specifically to create a point of interest in small ponds.