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Price reductions at Gardens and Homes Direct

by Sarah - May 29th, 2016.
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Price cut on this item at Gardens and Homes Direct

 was £409.99 now £349.99
After eight years of development, our new Napoli Traditional Clay Pizza Oven is ready to bring you delicious pizzas cooked the authentic, Italian way. This wood-burning pizza oven is great outdoors, fitting comfortably on most surfaces (including the Napoli Pizza Oven Trolley). The Napoli is designed for wood-burning (we recommend dry oak chips as a fuel), and can cook 2-3 pizzas in a single firing, cooking them one at a time. The oven comes with instructions to help you make great pizzas in no time. Features: Traditional wood-burning pizza oven made from Chimalin AFC clay. Cooks one pizza at a time, with one firing cooking 2 to 3 pizzas. Five-year guarantee – no assembly or curing required. Dimensions: Size: W65 x D60 x H37cm (H65.5cm including chimney.) / W26in x D24in x H15in (H26in including…