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by Diane - June 1st, 2016.
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Give peas a chance office installation 2016Cully & Sully and GIY(Grow it Yourself) to launch ‘al desko’ Food Growing Challenge


Cully & Sully and GIY (Grow It Yourself) have thrown down the gauntlet for UK businesses to sign up to the ‘al desko Food Growing Challenge’ with the top ‘budding’ growers walking away with a prize bag worth £4,000.

The initiative, dubbed #Give Peas A Chance, aims to get 1,000 teams of up to five people growing peas on their desk at work. Teams simply have to regsister on they will receive a Grow Pack which will contain a Cully & Sully soup tub for growing your peas in,  seeds, soil and of course expert growing tips and training advice from GIY founder Michael Kelly.

The #GivePeasAChance campaign brings the ‘green corporate’ concept to a new level, encouraging employees to sign up for some ‘office farming’ and add some greenery to their workplace.  All teams who take part are encouraged to log their growing adventures on social media and our dedicated GrowWall. The winning team will get vouchers and flights to visit the world famous Ballymaloe House & Cookery School in Co. Cork (Ireland) worth £1,500 and best of all they also get to donate a community garden worth £2,500 to a cause of their choice, from a local hospice, school or care home, wherever the winning team decides.

Sully (Colum O’ Sullivan) (Director) at Cully & Sully said, “At Cully & Sully we love good food. We know that for good food you needs great ingredients. Fresh is best when it comes to food and you can’t get fresher than growing your own … Even at work… In fact it’s EasyPeasy! We are delighted to hop into bed (a raised one of course) with GIY to try to get everyone growing at work.”

Commenting at the campaign launch Michael Kelly said, “Here in GIY we are big believers in the power of small food growing experiences to help people to develop a deeper appreciation for food as a path to better health.  Food growing helps people to see the link between great ingredients and great meals, and growing on your desk really challenges misconceptions about where food can be grown and shows just how easy it can be.  The GIY@Work phenomenon is fueled largely by the interest in employee wellness with employers starting to see how food growing can impact positively on physical and mental health.  It can also offer lessons about teamwork, problem solving and persistence that are highly applicable to the office – and of course the inter-desk rivarly creates a great buzz.”

GIY (Grow It Yourself) is an emerging global food-growing movement which started in Ireland. The not-for-profit organisation was established to encourage people to grow some of their own food at home, school, work and the community to gain a deeper understanding of food, called ‘food empathy’ which acts a lever to a healthier lifestyle.  Each year GIY inspires and supports over 150,000 people and 5,000 community food-growing groups and projects around Ireland and the UK with food-growing campaigns, events and publications.

Cullen Allen and Colum O’Sullivan (Cully & Sully), childhood friends, grew up in Ireland’s foodie capital, Cork, inspired by Cully’s grandmother, a respected Irish chef and proprietor of the famous Ballymaloe.