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The New Hedgehog® Anti Bird Brush™ for gardeners

by Diane - June 3rd, 2016.
Filed under: New Products.

I’ve been sent a Hedgehog Anti Bird Brush to review.

It looks like a strange elongated bottle brush – with plastic bristles around a strong stainless steel core.

So what’s it for?
It’s to stop birds landing in places you don’t want them to land. That could be along the top of a wall, greenhouse, garden gate, or other place where them sitting is a nuisance. Why might we want to stop birds sitting somewhere? They can be a nuisance with their bird droppings, the noise and other associated nuisance of birds getting in places we don’t want them to be.


For us out allotment gate has become perch to some blackbirds. Whilst it’s lovely to see them on the gate, they are making a mess down the gate and towards the lock. This is something we don’t want as it means people are getting messy opening the gate. The anti bird brush needs fixing on with some cable ties, at both ends and at two small points in the brush which have no bristles on to enable you to fix it well on.

It works really well. The birds can’t perch on the bristles and the gap for the cable ties isn’t big enough for them to sit on there. This has solved the problem of birds messing on the gate!

You could use it on areas where pigeons come to roost. I will be recommending this product to friends who have balconys where pigeons try to come and nest!

Their page says it can be stuck on with adhesive or clips. Adhesive would work well on a flat window ledge or balcony rail. Cable ties around thinner rails or gates.
Where to get some? Their website has a local store finder  which tells me it’s available at various builders merchants.

If pigeons are a nuisance then this could be really useful for you!


Hedgehog® Anti Bird Brush™ is well worth buying to solve those annoying bird problems!