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Summer garden trends

by Diane - June 9th, 2016.
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Low maintenance relaxed planting is ideal for a busy lifestyleHaskins Garden Centres has released its latest summer gardening trends including everything from vivid displays to relaxed gardens, and small trees to traditional roses.

Alasdair Urquhart, plant advisor at Haskins Garden Centre in Ferndown, said: “This summer is shaping up to be exciting for gardeners. Bright flowers such as dahlias are back in fashion, as well as traditional rose bushes. To suit those with hectic lifestyles or smaller outdoor areas, low maintenance ideas are becoming more and more popular as well as compact plant varieties such as fruit trees.”

Haskins Garden Centres ( in Ferndown in Dorset, West End in Southampton and Roundstone and Snowhill in West Sussex have the following summer trending plants for sale:

  • Dahlias from £7.99
  • Echinacea from £8.99
  • New Guineas, coastal geraniums and osteospermum £3.99 each, or for 4 for £15
  • Echeveria from £4.99
  • Sempervivum from £1.95
  • Mizune, red veined sorrel £2.49

Plants such as echeveria or sempervivum are low cost and have strong architectural shapes which suit rustic or unusual bowls. These types of plants also require little care as they store water in their leaves, so are low maintenance for those with a busy schedule.

Vivid colours:
Vibrant and strong coloured flowers such as dahlia, echinacea and rudbeckia are springing up in more gardens this summer to give a powerful look. Impatiens New Guinea are fluorescent, even when growing in the shade, and are a great replacement for Busy Lizzies.

The classic rose is featuring again in garden trends, especially fragrant, repeat flowering climbers and ramblers. Haskins Garden Centres is currently hosting a Rose Festival until Thursday July 28, to showcase the vast amount of colours, varieties and versatility of roses.

Compact plants:
Downsized, compact plant varieties are on the up as more and more of our gardens are getting smaller. Smaller varieties of trees, especially fruit trees on dwarfing root stocks and low growing shrubs are ideal for smaller gardens as they help keep the space in proportion.

Container gardening:
Edible plants and berries are continuing to grow in popularity as they can be easily planted in pots or baskets and can tolerate cold winters. Blueberries, and unusual salad leaves such as Japanese Mizune or Red-veined Sorrel also grow year after year.

Relaxed planting styles:
The naturalistic cottage garden is back on trend thanks to its low care requirement and the bright colours attract beneficial insects.

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