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New products at GreenFingers

by John - June 12th, 2016.
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New items today at GreenFingers

Aztec Trough Planter

Aztec Trough Planter £26.99
Elegant and sophisticated this Aztec trough planter exudes quality. The classic design of this low planter will grace any garden balcony or patio with style. It benefits from an authentic looking earthenware finish that will blend beautifully into natural surroundings. The clean lines and simple design will complement both traditional and contemporary settings. Subtle stylish and effective at creating a beautiful feature that will give maximum impact when populated with fragrant shrubs architectural plants or exotic blooms. Product Specifications:Trough Planter onlySuitable for indoor or outdoor useDimensions: H: 31 x W: 80 x D: 27.5cm

Fiskars Weed Puller

Fiskars Weed Puller £29.99
This Fiskars weed puller is a great product for removing all of those hard to reach weeds in your garden or driveway as shown on TV. There will be no need for weed killers; this weed puller is more than enough to clear your garden of any unwanted weeds.Due to the design of the weed puller there is no need for you to constantly bend over to dig them out therefore making this task a much more enjoyable experience. The stainless steel claws on the bottom dig deep into the weeds and remove all roots preventing re-growth.Dimensions: 7.5cm dia x 60cm highPlease take a look at our video to see the weed puller in action

Chapelwood 3 Hole Whole Coconut Suet Treat

Chapelwood 3 Hole Whole Coconut Suet Treat £1.99
This easy to hang whole coconut has three holes for your garden birds to eat from and contains suet sunflower seeds cracked grains and oil containing seeds.

Easy Install Plastic Lawn Edge 6 Piece Set

Easy Install Plastic Lawn Edge 6 Piece Set £24.99
This Easy Install Plastic Lawn Edge Set is just the perfect way to give your garden that final touch. Strong and flexible with a classic green finish it is great for creating boundaries to gravel paths or used as a barrier between your lawn and border. A key feature for creating a long-lasting finish to a garden lawn or patio; edging is great for making sure everything has its own place and can really contribute to a cleaner more impressive outdoor environment. Strimmer-proof. It not only looks good when in place but will also protect the edges of your lawn to help preserve your outdoor area. A simple but effective product that will last you for years and comes at a great price.The interlocking strips are of semi-rigid plastic which can be tapped into the ground with a hammer and are considerably stronger and better than the commonly available corrugated items.Set Contents: 6 piecesSingle Piece Dimensions: L100 x W3 x H13cmWeight of Single Piece: 350g

Slim Space Saver Water Butt - 100 Litre

Slim Space Saver Water Butt – 100 Litre £19.99
This compact green plastic water butt is sleek and functional. Use it to collect a ready supply of water in preparation for times of water shortage in the Summer months or to recycle your rainwater and help with conserving the environment. The design is unobtrusive and features a useful tap that can release your water into a watering can. It is advisable to store the butt higher to enable this useful feature to work. Capacity: 100 litres Dimensions: 36 x 32 x 95.2cm high The Slim Line Water Butt Stand is available to purchase separately.

Stainless Steel Solar Spotlight Solar Lighting

Stainless Steel Solar Spotlight Solar Lighting £4.99
Highlight the best features in your garden with this Stainless Steel Garden Solar Spotlight. You can make your outdoor area look quite spectacular with careful positioning amongst borders flowerbeds trees and shrubs. You could also use it to accentuate other features such as a statue. Manufactured from stainless steel making it rustproof and water resistant this modern attractive Solar Spotlight will complement any modern garden d

Rain Trap for Water Butts

Rain Trap for Water Butts £14.99
Rain Trap for use with the majority of water butts on the market which can be connected to round plastic down pipes of 63 68 80 and 90mm diameter and square plastic down pipes of 61 and 65mm square.4cm max is required between wall and down pipe The external diameter of the pipe is 90mm Length of pipe is 0.5m

Yeominis Kids Flatpack WheelBarrow

Yeominis Kids Flatpack WheelBarrow £16.99
Perfect for your budding little gardener! This bright and cheerful Yeominis Kids Wheelbarrow has been designed especially for children and is both lightweight and easily manoeuvrable. Your kids will just love having their very own wheelbarrow to move soil and mud around and might even be persuaded to give you a hand to move light garden rubbish. The wheelbarrow comes flat packed for home assembly and is easy to construct or disassemble for storage purposes. Featuring a tubular metal frame with comfortable grips and a solid wheel the Yeominis Kids Wheelbarrow has a child-friendly finish and is durable. BS EN71 approved child-friendly finishDimensions: L75 x W43 x H43cmHandle Height: 40.5cm

Design Toscano Classic Lion Sitting Garden Statue

Design Toscano Classic Lion Sitting Garden Statue £74.99
Traditionally used to flank the entrance to an imposing residence this Design Toscano Classic Lion Sitting Garden Statue will help lift your home above your neighbours.This majestic animal sculpture is cast in quality designer resin with a faux stone finish to replicate classical sculptures. With his powerful body large paws impressive mane and imperious stare this is a sculpture that will really give your home added style and gravitas. Stone effect finish.Fine detail. Use in pairs for a stunning effect. With its classical lines this lion statue will bring a regal bearing to any property entrance garden pathway or even fireplace letting friends and family know they are visiting a home of some distinction.Dimensions: W32 x D25 x H53cmWeight: 9kgCustomer note: This statue is the Mansfield Manor Lion only and does not include the plinth shown in the lifestyle image.

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