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New products at Van Meuwen

by Sarah - June 14th, 2016.
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New item at Van Meuwen

Porcelain Vine - 1 porcelain vine plant in 7cm pot

Porcelain Vine – 1 porcelain vine plant in 7cm pot £12.99
Native to temperate areas of Asia, this exquisite Porcelain Vine bears striking green leaves, which are heavily mottled with white and pink, contrasting well with the bright pink tendrils. Small clusters of insignificant green flowers in mid to late summer are followed by amazing, vibrant blue and violet berries in autumn. Grow Ampelopsis against a sheltered wall, fence or trellis, where it will die back to the ground each winter and grow anew each spring. Height: 3m (10’). Spread: 1.5m (5’). Supplied in 7cm pots.