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Price reductions at GreenFingers

by John - July 4th, 2016.
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GreenFingers reduced the price on these products today

Chapelwood Rustic FSC Bee Box

Chapelwood Rustic FSC Bee Box was £12.99 now £10.49
This Chapelwood FSC Bee Box with a beautiful rustic finish has been specially designed to provide a safe habitat for bees. The tubes are just the right size for masonry or leaf cutter bees. These bees do not swarm so there would only be a few of them using the box. The bees lay an egg in a tube put balls of pollen with it and then stop up the end of the tube with leaves or mud and in the spring the young adult eats its way out and the cycle starts over. Do not be surprised if other garden insects use this box at the same time. Ladybirds in particular may happily use the bottom half of the box. They provide a wonderful natural garden pest removal service by helping to get rid of aphids and other unwanted bugs. Strong durable constructionKey style hanging mechanism This bee box is made from FSC wood so you are ensured it comes from well-managed forests sustaining not only the environment but also its local population. It offers excellent insulation properties and naturally resists water damage warping and rotting.Dimensions: 16 x 18 x 24cm high

Chapelwood FSC Pine Bat Box

Chapelwood FSC Pine Bat Box was £12.99 now £10.99
Help conserve bats in your area and install a Chapelwood FSC Pine Bat Box. This quality dark stained bat box features thick insulated walls for warmth and a secure lid to prevent disturbance to the bats. It also has an internal scored bat ladder to cling to and an entry slit that is wide enough to admit bats but keep out predators. Bats do not like draughts and prefer well insulated boxes where temperature and humidity remain constant. The box should be put as high as possible in sunny places that are sheltered from the wind at least 4 or 5 metres above the ground. On buildings boxes should be placed as close to the eaves as possible. Some bats use a tree line or hedgerow for navigation. Putting boxes near these features may help the bats find the box. The bat box should not be opened. Do not treat the wood

Ladybird Tower House

Ladybird Tower House was £11.99 now £10.99
Ladybirds are a gardener’s friend preying as they do on greenfly and blackfly. This habitat has been specially designed to provide a safe insulated home for ladybirds and other beneficial insects. Holes have been drilled at an upward angle into the wood into a safe inner chamber which is filled with natural material. The roof panel can be removed for inspection and cleaning of the habitat and a ground pole is provided so the tower is easy to site into lawns flowerbeds or in a planter. When you receive this item you will find that the ground pole is attached to the side of the house with a screw unscrew it and put through bottom hole and screw in place at the side of the bottom square. 11cm dia 48cm high with pole.

Picnic Camping Beach Armchair x 2 Multi Buy

Picnic Camping Beach Armchair x 2 Multi Buy was £12.99 now £11.99
The Picnic Camping Beach Armchair is durable light and folds down for storage or travel and is now available to buy in this great value multi-buy. Manufactured from powder coated tubular steel and polyester fabric. Easy to fold down and store this is an ideal chair to have in your car boot for camping trips to the beach or even your own garden. Powder coated steel. Polyester seat. Dimensions: W47 x D53 x H75cmContents: 2 x Picnic Camping Beach Armchair

Sunflare Multi-function 480 Warm White LED String Lights

Sunflare Multi-function 480 Warm White LED String Lights was £14.99 now £12.99
These Sunflare Multi-function 480 Warm White LED String Lights will immerse your home in a soft festive glow and bring cheer to those long dark winter days. You can use them to create a unique and beautiful lighting display for your Christmas tree indoors or outdoors. LED lights have many advantages over incandescent and neon Christmas lamps and lights; longer lifetime greater durability reliability and a lower power consumption saving you money on energy bills and reducing your carbon footprint. All are excellent reasons to update and replace your old lights and add some sparkle this season. They are also just as lovely any time of the year as a decorative feature.A multi action controller lets you choose between 8 different light settings.There is a simple push button control to choose the setting required and once this is set when the lights are switched off and on they stay at the required setting. There is a simple push button control to choose the setting required and once this is set when the lights are switched off and on they stay at the required setting.Combination. In waves. Sequential. Slow glow. Chasing/flashing. Slow fade. Twinkle/flash. Steady on.Specifications: String lights: IP20 31V 480L Number of Lights: 480 Warm White Green Cable Length: 59.7mLead Cable Length: 10mUse: Indoor or outdoor useDistance between lights: 10cmPlease click here for Christmas D

Outdoor Garden Tap Kit

Outdoor Garden Tap Kit was £14.99 now £12.99
The Outdoor Garden Tap Kit is easy to install with no need to isolate your water supply as it features an integral double-check valve to protect your drinking water. You simply fit it to the interior piping feed it through the wall and fit to the exterior. Complies with Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999The set contains:1 x Self cutting tap 1 x Supply hose1 x Wall mounted connector1 x Outside tap including adaptor3 x Screws3 x Plugs1 x Hose clip hose connector 1 x Union nut flanged insert and rubber washer

Evergreen Mosskil with Lawn Food 14kg

Evergreen Mosskil with Lawn Food 14kg was £17.39 now £15.99
Evergreen Mosskil with Lawn Food has been specially developed as a dual-action granular mosskill product helping your lawn to be as green and healthy as it can be.This granular mosskill and feed is ready to use and has been carefully formulated to kill moss within 7 days and feed your existing grass to help produce greener healthier growth. Kills moss in 7 days. Feeds and greens the lawn. Contains iron sulphate. Use between April and September. Give your lawn a helping hand and get rid of any moss that has grown up over the winter months while at the same time giving the grass a much needed feed resulting in a healthy lush looking sward. Coverage: 400 square metersNPK: 14-0-5Contents: 14kg cartonStorage and Advice: Keep out of reach of children. Wash hands after use. Store in a dry place.

Westland Aftercut All-In-One Lawn Feed Weed & Moss Killer 400m²

Westland Aftercut All-In-One Lawn Feed Weed & Moss Killer 400m² was £18.99 now £16.99
Westland Aftercut All-In-One Lawn treatment feeds weeds and kills moss to stimulate growth and help develop a greener stronger and healthier lawn. It’s a balanced granular lawn fertiliser with an herbicide for optimum weed control and iron sulphate for moss control. Key Benefits: This lawn feed stimulates growth kills moss and eradicates weeds. It is a balanced lawn fertiliser with added moss control and best of all it is fast acting giving you visibly greener grass in 7 days!Coverage: 400m² Apply: March to September Nutrient Content: NPK 12-2-4Active Ingredients: 2-4-D Mecoprop-P and Ferrous Sulphate Keep away from children and pets. Harmful to aquatic life. Always read the label and use pesticides safely

Verdigris Folding Camping Table - 80 x 60cm

Verdigris Folding Camping Table – 80 x 60cm was £18.99 now £16.99
The Verdigris Folding Camping Table is weather proof and includes a carry handle. Manufactured from weather proof MDF with an aluminium rim. Easy to fold down and store. Includes a carry handle for storage and travel. This is an ideal table to have in your car boot for camping trips to the beach or even your own garden. Weather proof MDF. Take anywhere. Carry handle. Dimensions: W80 x D60 x H69cm

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