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New products at John Lewis

by John - July 9th, 2016.
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John Lewis just added this new item

Spear and Jackson 3030KEW Seed Trowel

Spear and Jackson 3030KEW Seed Trowel £12.49
Part of the Kew Gardens collection Perfect for all gardening levels, this seed trowel will help the garden grow. Designed with a long and narrow stainless steel blade, the trowel is ideal for planting seeds. This also reduces the chances of scraped knuckles when you are digging deep into the ground. What’s more, the use of stainless steel ensures a resistance to rust with minimal soil adhesion and makes for easier cleaning. The handle has been crafted from an FSC approved and weatherproof Ash. And for an easy storage, a leather wrist strap has been attached so you can hang up the seed trowel when you come in from the garden. Developed in conjunction with Kew’s horticultural team, this seed trowel is an officially licensed tool which is used and recommended by Kew Gardens.