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New products at Gardens and Homes Direct

by Sarah - July 14th, 2016.
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Gardens and Homes Direct added loads of new items

Tonbridge Triple Robe

Tonbridge Triple Robe £899.99
Dimensions: W135 x D54 x H190cm / W53 x D21 x H75in

Tonbridge Gents Wardrobe

Tonbridge Gents Wardrobe £679.99
Dimensions: W95 x D54 x H190cm / W37 x D21 x H75in

Tonbridge Large Sideboard

Tonbridge Large Sideboard £569.99
Dimensions: W150 x D40 x H90cm / W59 x D16 x H35in

Tonbridge 2 Over 3 Jumbo Chest

Tonbridge 2 Over 3 Jumbo Chest £469.99
Dimensions: W85 x D40 x H110cm / W33 x D16 x H43in

Tonbridge Display Cabinet

Tonbridge Display Cabinet £469.99
Dimensions: W55 x D40 x H180cm / W22 x D16 x H71in

Tonbridge 1.6m Butterfly Table

Tonbridge 1.6m Butterfly Table £469.99
Dimensions: W160 x D80 x H78cm / W63 x D32 x H31in

Tonbridge 3 Over 4 Chest

Tonbridge 3 Over 4 Chest £469.99
Dimensions: W120 x D40 x H78cm / W47 x D16 x H31in

Tonbridge 3 Door Sideboard

Tonbridge 3 Door Sideboard £449.99
Dimensions: W130 x D38 x H80cm / W51 x D15 x H32in

Tonbridge 5' Bed

Tonbridge 5′ Bed £419.99
Dimensions: W164 x D212.5 x H115cm / W65 x D84 x H45in