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Price reductions at PondKeeper

by John - July 14th, 2016.
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Reduced products at PondKeeper

PondXpert Pond Skimmer - Pump Attachment

PondXpert Pond Skimmer – Pump Attachment was £49.99 now £39.99
The PondXpert Pond Skimmer is designed to be attached to a pond pump – the combined unit then sucks in debris from the surface of your pond with the waste collecting in an easy-empty collection basket.

Pontec Pondoair Set 1200 LED

Pontec Pondoair Set 1200 LED was £69.99 now £59.99
This is a different idea. A submersed pump draws in oxygen from the pond surface via a floating lily (this process is called the venturi effect). The ‘sucked in’ air is then recycled into the pond.