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New products at Harrod Horticultural

by John - July 19th, 2016.
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New products at Harrod Horticultural

Hydropod Cuttings Propagators

Hydropod Cuttings Propagators £42.95
The Hydropod Propagator Is An Innovative Propagator Which Sprays A Mist Over The Base Of Cuttings For Optimum Moisture Levels, To Achieve Healthy Plants Reliably And Quickly. The Cuttings In The Hydropod Are Suspended In Mesh Pots So That Ideal Moisture Levels Are Maintained Around The Base Of The Cuttings Without Waterlogging. growth Is Speeded Up As A Result Too Because Roots Are Encouraged To Grow Out To Access The Water. There Is No Need For Soil Either And As A Result There Is Unrestricted Air Circulation Around The Roots. In As Little As 10 To 14 Days Your Cuttings Will Have Rooted And Be Ready For Transplanting To Pots. The Internal Reservoir Also Means Your Holiday Watering Is Covered For Up To 7 Days.the Hydropod Is Available In A Heated And Unheated Version And In 20 Cell Size. The Heated Version Will Help Extend The Growing Season And Is Perfect For Using In An Unheated Greenhouse All Year Round. The 20 Cell Propagator Is Provided With 20 Mesh Pots And Sponge Discs And All Have Vented Lids To Maintain Optimum Humidity Levels.innovative Electric Propagator – Sprays Fine Mist Over The Base Of Cuttings For Healthy And Quick Root Growth20 Cell Versions Availablesupplied With Mesh Pots And Sponge Discscuttings Can Root In As Little As 10 To 14 Days7 Litre Internal Reservoir Keeps Cuttings Watered For 7 Daysvented Lid To Optimise Humidity Levels20 Cell Hydropod Measures 46cm L X 39cm W X 40cm H

Beepol Bumblebee Lodge

Beepol Bumblebee Lodge £35.00
The Bumblebee Lodge Has A Traditional Design, Made From Fsc Timber Featuring An Apex Waterproof Hinged Roof For Easy Access And Viewing. The Lodge Features 2 Entry Holes And Also Has A Cover To Prevent Wax Moths – Natural Predator Of The Bumblebee – From Invading The Hive. the Bumblebee Lodge Is Supplied As The Lodge Only – A Beehive To Fit The Lodge Will Have To Be Sourced Locally. bumblebee Lodge:-traditional, Handcrafted From Fsc Timbersupplied In A Natural Finishhinged Apex Roof For Easy Access And Viewing2 Entry Holes – With Cover To Repel Wax Moths – Natural Predator Of Bumblebees32cm H X 35cm W X 31cm Dlodge Only – Beehive To Fit The Lodge Will Have To Be Sourced Locally

Beepol Bumblebee Cabin

Beepol Bumblebee Cabin £30.00
The Bumblebee Cabin Has A Contemporary Design, Made From Fsc Timber Featuring A Pent Shaped Waterproof Hinged Roof For Easy Access And Viewing. The Cabin Features 1 Entry Hole Which Has A Cover To Prevent Wax Moths – Natural Predator Of The Bumblebee.the Bumblebee Cabin Is Supplied As The Cabin Only, Bumblebee Hives To Go Into The Cabin Will Need To Be Sourced Locally. bumblebee Cabin:-contemporary Fsc Timber Designpent Shaped Hinged Roof For Easy Access And Viewing1 Entry Hole Featuring A Cover To Prevent Wax Moths, The Natural Predator Of Bumblebees. 22cm H (back) 25cm H (front) X 25cm W X 25cm Dbumblebee Hives For The Cabin Will Need To Be Sourced Locally

Collapsible Bird Tray Feeders

Collapsible Bird Tray Feeders £17.95
The Bird Feeder Will Hold Up To 1.1kg Of Seeds, Has An All Metal Construction Which Has Been Powder Coated For Rust Resistance And Requires No Assembly – Simply Hang And Fill.the Large Feeding Tray And And Mesh Basket Accommodates Both Clinging And Perching Birds At The Same Time And Can Hold Up To 15 Birds At Once. The Tray Has Drainage Holes To Prevent Waterlogging And The Wire Mesh Basket Collapses For Easy Storage.this Large Feeder Is Ideal For Sunflower Seeds, Safflower Mix And Peanut Pieces And The Metal Construction Of This Innovative Bird Feeder Helps Protect Birds From Avian Diseases And Makes It Easy To Clean Too!complete Metal Construction Helps Protect Against Diseasesholds Up 1.1kg / 2.5lbs Of Sunflower Seeds Or Peanut Piecespowder Coated Metal For Improved Rust Resistancewire Basket Collapses For Easy Storagetray And Mesh Basket Accommodates Perching And Clinging Birdsfeeds Up To 15 Birds At Oncetray Has Drainage Holes To Prevent Waterloggingavailable In Attractive Blue Bell Finish24cm Diameter And 17cm Highno Assembly Required, Simply Hang And Fill

The Barley Ball (refill Only)

The Barley Ball (refill Only) £8.95
Keep Your Pond Fresh And Clear All Summer Long With This Easy Barley Ball Solution And Its All Natural, Safe, Active Ingredients – One Application Will Last For One Whole Season.barley Ball Is A Highly Effective Enviromentally Safe Treatment For Control Of Blanket Weed That Causes Green Water Problems In Garden Pondsall Natural Active Ingredients Which Are Safe For Fish, Wildlife And Aquatic Plantsthe Unique Design Of The Barley Ball Suspends The Active Ingredients Just Below The Water Surfacevery Simple To Use – Only One Application Needed Per Seasonthe Optimum Time For Installation Is Between Mid-march And Mid-julyfor The Best Control Of Blanket Weed, Install Early In The Season And Remove As Much Surface Weed As You Can By Physical Meanssee The Beneficial Effects In Clarity Within 2 To 4 Weekssuitable For Ponds From 1,000 Litres To 10,000 Litres, Roughly Equivalent To A Surface Area 2.5m Square To 20 Metres Squarecan Be Used In Ponds Under 1,000 Litre Capacity As Long As An Oxygenating Feature (fountain, Waterfall Etc) Is Present And Functioningmultiple Units Can Be Used For Larger Pondsthe Barley Ball Can Be Re-activated Year After Year With The Available Refilldiameter Measurement 24cm (9.5 In).

Lawn Graffiti Grass Spray

Lawn Graffiti Grass Spray £8.45
This Clever Graffiti Grass Spray Has Been Specially Designed To Be Used On Grass And Is Available In 2 Colours Red And Blue.very Quick To Dry, The Chalk Spray Does Not Harm The Grass And Will Wash Off With Rain Or Water From The Hose, Or The Patterns Can Simply Be Mown Out. The Only Extra Ingredient Required Is Your Imagination!the Can Is Designed To Be Used Inverted And Features An Easy To Use Spray Applicator That Incorporates A Safety Lock For When Not In Use.easy To Use Lawn Chalk Sprayavailable In 2 Colours – Red And Bluecreate Your Own Lawn Artideal For Sports Markingnon Toxic Will Not Harm The Grasswashes Off With Water Or Can Be Mown Outeasy To Use Spray Applicatorsafety Lock When Not In Use

Joseph Bentley Young Apprentice Hand Fork

Joseph Bentley Young Apprentice Hand Fork £3.95
The Joseph Bentley Gardeners Apprentice Range Is Designed To Appeal To And Enthuse The Younger Gardener. The Traditional Carbon Steel Childrens Gardening Tools Are The Perfect Aid For Children To Learn About Making A Beautiful Garden.this Range Of High Quality Joseph Bentley Young Apprentice Childrens Tools From The Much Heralded Joseph Bentley Collection Will Appeal To All Children Over The Age Of 6 Who Have Developed The Gardening Bug.the Compact Size And Lightness Of The Joseph Bentley Childrens Tools, Combined With The Practicality And Strength Of Carbon Steel Will Give Them Their First Proper Tools And Ones They Will Always Remember. please Note: Only The Hand Fork Now Availableall Joseph Bentley Young Apprentice Childrens Tool Blades Are Manufactured To The Highest Standard With Carbon Steel Heads With A Smooth Metallic Carbon Steel Finishyoung Apprentice Hand Fork Measures 20cm, Has Three Carbon Steel Tines, The Perfect Hand Fork For De-weeding And Cultivating The Soil Around Plants