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Price reductions at Blooming Direct

by John - July 22nd, 2016.
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Blooming Direct has cut the price of these products

Acer negundo Flamingo tree in 2L pot 40cm tall

Acer negundo Flamingo tree in 2L pot 40cm tall was £6.99 now £4.99
If you are looking for a distinctive and memorable small tree for your garden, then look no further than Acer ‘Flamingo’. This stunning selection of Box Elder was made because of the gorgeous pink tinged new growth that appears in Spring, which fades away to a lovely creamy white leaf margin, leaving a gorgeous soft and subtle variegation on the tree. In Autumn, it produces a glowing yellow display before the leaves fall. Fairly quick growing as a tree, it can reach 5M in 10 years or so, making it an ideal lawn specimen or feature tree for Spring, Summer and Autumn interest in smaller gardens. or it can be pruned each Spring and kept smaller to about 2.5M if space does not permit. It produces better pink colouration in Spring if it has been cut back hard. A great garden tree for creating shade, looking great all season when in leaf and for screening too.

Musa basjoo (Hardy banana) plant 40-50cm tall

Musa basjoo (Hardy banana) plant 40-50cm tall was £14.99 now £9.99
This fantastic architectural banana plant will create a great impact in any garden! Forming a dense bush with huge paddle fan like leaves spreading gloriously out through the air, it will create wonderful shadows on your patio. Once established, the big leaves will unfurl as they emerge each year through the central trunk, and within 3-4 years you will have leaves over 1M long. Hailing from Japan, it loves sunshine but it is hardy to -6C perfect for the UK climate! This Japanese Hardy Banana is brilliant if planted into a large pot and will create a real tropical feel to your garden. Note – it does not actually produce edible bananas in the Uk, it is a close cousin of comemrcial bananas, but they do not grow here in Uk climates. Grow it for it’s huge impact and size as a tropcial foliage plant.

Set of 3 Winter Flowering Patio Forsythia plants in 9cm pots

Set of 3 Winter Flowering Patio Forsythia plants in 9cm pots was £14.99 now £9.99
A French-bred breakthrough in Forsythia, ‘Maree d’Or’ (or Golden Bells), has the same spectacular yellow flower displays in early spring as other varieties, but in a naturally compact, low maintenance form. Reaching only 70-90cm (3ft) tall, and spreading to 1m (4ft) or so in 7-10 years, this compact form is perfect for Patio pots and smaller garden borders and produces gorgeous bright yellow flower displays in March and April, before many things wake up. It is very easy to grow, hardy to -15C, and doesnt need to be pruned, so is perfect for anyone who wants maximum impact with minimum effort one of the easiest and most rewarding shrubs to grow.

Ensete 'Maurelii (Red Abysinnian Banana) plant 70-100cm tall

Ensete ‘Maurelii (Red Abysinnian Banana) plant 70-100cm tall was £14.99 now £9.99
Bananas have become very popular in the last few years, for their large architectural leaves as opposed to their fruit! The Red Abyssinian Banana is a relative newcomer, and brings with it a stunning colour addition – the huge paddle shaped leaves that can reach 75cm long in a season are heavily veined burgundy red, and in full sun the leaf edges have a very red tinge. Grow in large heavy pots for stability, in full sun and warm spots, and feed and water well in June-August when they grow quickly. Borderline hardy, so in late Autumn, allow leaves to die back and cut stem to 20cm tall, and bring somewhere frost free till following May. Keep dry, and new leaves should quickly emerge next year.

Pair of Cordyline australis (Torbay Palm) green 1M tall plants

Pair of Cordyline australis (Torbay Palm) green 1M tall plants was £19.99 now £14.99
Add an exotic touch to your garden with our instant impact 1M tall Cordyline palms. Already 5 years old, they are great for adding a modern twist to gardens, especially when grown in metallic or modern containers. Their regular swirled pattern of leaves form the slow growing trunk, creating a unique look for gardens. The bigger the plant, the hardier they are – these can withstand a -7C winter ok, but we always suggest frost protection fleeces or wrapping, or bring into a garage or porch for during the coldest winters. Water them well in summer when they are growing and they will grow 10-15cm a year here in the UK. Cut off any dead leaves at the bottom, and that is what forms the trunk. The number one choice for a modern and exoic touch for UK gardens.

Grow Your Own Patio Potato Kit - 3 varieites, pots & fertiliser

Grow Your Own Patio Potato Kit – 3 varieites, pots & fertiliser was £19.99 now £14.99
Plant before mid August for Potatoes for the Christmas Dinner table! his Complete Patio Potato Growing Kit means that anyone can now grow delicious, fresh potatoes. You dont even need a garden – a patio, balcony or courtyard will do! Just add compost and water and you will harvesting your first New Potatoes as early as May from a March planting. We have included 3 fantastic varieties to give a range of harvest dates. ‘Swift’ (Early) – as it’s name implies, this is a very fast-cropper, reaching harvest in 8-9 weeks from planting in March, producing gorgeous, soft new potatoes in abundance. ‘Charlotte’ (Salad) – perfect as a new potato, or used in salads, yet keeps well for boiling too. ‘Desiree’ (Maincrop) – the classic red skinned, yellow fleshed potato that has been a garden winner for decades. Great for boiling or mashing, but we love them best as jacket potatoes, with a lovely crispy skin! Update – please note, varieties may change as season progresses. This is the perfect way to grow your own potatoes but what’s even better is it requires no back breaking digging whatsoever! The Heavy Duty 30 Litre Pots can be used again and again and the Organic Potato Fertiliser can be used all around your vegetable garden.

Bougainvillea 'Alexandra Pink' standard 90cm plant

Bougainvillea ‘Alexandra Pink’ standard 90cm plant was £29.99 now £19.99
A real taste of hot lazy Summers, Bougainvillea grow freely in hot countries around the Mediterranean with their rich colours smothering walls and balconies in the hot sun, but they also make great summer plants right here too! The lovely magenta pink variety ‘Alexandra’ is one of the more compact and floriferous varieties, and performs well at lower temperatures in winter too. The colour comes, infact, from bracts, not flowers themselves, a little like Christmas poinsettias. The bracts turn brightest magenta pink in summer whereas the flower itself is quite insignificant – a small creamy flower, which looks like the eye of the bracts. These plants have been expertly trained into a standard form, and can easily be maintained this way outside. Although climbers, they are slower growing in the UK. Grow in large pots in full sun, and then in winter provide protection below 2C. They can lose their bracts suddenly due to stress, so do not be alarmed if they drop – new ones will quickly re-appear in warm weather. A real tropical addition to the Summer garden!