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New products at Blooming Direct

by John - July 28th, 2016.
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Blooming Direct has these new items today

Erythronium Pagoda (Dog's Tooth Violet) bulbs - pack of 10

Erythronium Pagoda (Dog’s Tooth Violet) bulbs – pack of 10 £7.99
A wonderful variety providing the brightest yellow flowers from March until April. Each strong flower stem carries 4 to 5 large canary-yellow blooms, each with a brown ring in the centre. The marbled foliage on this variety is a lovely added bonus! Height 20cm (8).

Ranunculus mixed 50 bulbs 5/6

Ranunculus mixed 50 bulbs 5/6 £7.99
Very few plants will bring such a splash of colour to your garden as this cheerful Ranunculus mixture. They are perfect for pots and sunny borders and flower from May onwards lasting well into summer. Very long lasting as a cut bloom too.

Tulip Estella Rijnveldt 25 bulbs 10/11

Tulip Estella Rijnveldt 25 bulbs 10/11 £7.99
From the strikingly colourful parrot tulip group Estella Rijnveldt is one of the most spectacular varieties around with frilly double blooms and flame streaked petals. On warm spring days the blooms open wide and become almost flat – often 4in or more across – before closing again in the evening. For best effect plant in close groups in a sunny spot.

Dutch Iris mixed 100 bulbs 6/8

Dutch Iris mixed 100 bulbs 6/8 £7.99
Dutch Irises make a wonderful addition to the spring garden with their highly unusual flowers. Plant them in pots or borders in a sunny spot and youll reap the rewards year after year! Ideal for indoor cut flower displays. Unusual and striking flowers in contrasting shades of purple, white, orange and yellow. Very hardy and easy to grow.

Cyclamen hederifolium 5 bulbs 15/20

Cyclamen hederifolium 5 bulbs 15/20 £7.99
Not to ever be confused with pot plant Cyclamen produced in their masses for Christmas, these superb wild Cyclamen are a stunning garden plant for slowly naturalising in shady spots under trees and hedges, providing subtle Autumn colour and long term foliage interest. Their flowers are produced in profusion in Autumn – once established the flowers appear straight form the ground before any leaves form. As they die back in Winter, the striking silver marked deep green leaves, with whorls of splashes and random leaf markings appear, and last until the heat of the following Spring. They will slowly spread out into small clumps, and naturalise to form a delicate carpet, of totally hardy, no maintenance, almost bullet proof plants. What could be easier? Perfect for that awkward shady space, whatever size of garden you have.