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Price reductions at Blooming Direct

by John - July 29th, 2016.
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Blooming Direct reduced the price on these lines today

Dierama Blackberry Bells 3 x 9cm

Dierama Blackberry Bells 3 x 9cm was £14.99 now £7.49
Dierama Blackberry Bells is a strong growing hybrid with very large deep purple trumpet flowers which dangle from the arched stems, so earning the genus it’s familiar name of ‘Angels Fishing Rod’. It’s perfect for planting at the side of a pond or anywhere that the flowers hang and sway alluringly in the breeze. In flower from early June . Despite their delicate appearance the stems are surprisingly strong and make exotic cut blooms.

Flowering Cherry tree Amanogawa potted 1.4M

Flowering Cherry tree Amanogawa potted 1.4M was £12.99 now £9.99
Imagine sitting in your garden this spring, basking in the afternoon sun and surrounded by incredibly beautiful cherry blossom. Amanogawa is a delightful flowering cherry which is literally covered in elegant, shell-pink flowers throughout spring. It is very similar to other flowering cherries such as Kanzan, however it grows in an upright fashion forming a very compact, tall habit making it perfect for anyone who wants the benefits of one of these truly majestic trees but has limited space.

Leaf-Curl Resistant Peach 'Avalon Pride' tree standard 1.4M 7.5L pot

Leaf-Curl Resistant Peach ‘Avalon Pride’ tree standard 1.4M 7.5L pot was £29.99 now £16.99
If you love the idea of growing juicy peaches but thought you couldn’t, then think again! ‘Avalon Pride’® represents the most significant development in Peach Tree breeding for over 100 years, meaning you can now grow it here in the UK, with complete confidence that you will get a fabulous crop of up to 20kg of delicious fruits per season for many years to come… This unique, ‘self-fertile’ variety carries a wonderful display of pretty, sweetly fragrant pink blooms in late March and April that go on to produce a bumper crop in mid-August each year. The productivity of ‘Avalon Pride’® is so good because of its self-fertility, added to its later than usual flowering time which cuts down the probability of the blooms getting damaged by a late frost before the pollinators do their work! What’s more, this particular variety is THE WORLDS FIRST one that shows very high resistance to Peach Leaf Curl, a problem that blights almost all peach varieties. It’s also totally winter hardy and will grow brilliantly when planted directly in your garden – ideally against a wall where it will thrive. Supplied as well-feathered, bare-root trees that are 1.5-1.8m tall, and grown on St Julian A rootstock, they are ready to plant outdoors upon receipt and you can expect delicious bumper crops for decades to come. Once planted they will remain compact, growing to just 3m tall after 5 years. ‘Avalon Pride’® was originally discovered by Miss Margaret Proud whilst out walking in woodland adjacent to her fathers garden in Washington State, USA. She quickly realised that it showed no visible signs whatsoever of the dreaded peach leaf curl, and, because she loved eating fresh peaches, decided to propagate her own tree. Having successfully done just that, some years later, a large bear decided to dig the tree up and smashed it to pieces! With just a handful of branches remaining, she skilfully grafted some of them on to another peach tree, thereby saving the variety and making sure that you can still enjoy this super variety today. Each and every Peach ‘Avalon Pride’® tree that is growing around the world today has been raised from that same lineage.