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New products at PondKeeper

by John - August 5th, 2016.
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New product at PondKeeper

Nexus 220 Pond Filter

Nexus 220 Pond Filter £895.00
Perfect for large koi ponds up to 18,000 Litres (4000 gallon).
This new 220 model is an upgrade to the bestselling 210 model boasting many improvements as listed. Dramatically improved performance, achieving unparalleled levels of water clarity in your pond.
A re-designed Eazy filter, now utilising the all new K1 Micro filter media in a static bed.
Outstanding biological filtration using the acclaimed K1 Media.
Improved water circulation, ensuring more efficient water cleaning.
Easy to use one-way valve on the outlet, making filter cleaning far easier.

As well as the new features listed above, the Nexus 220 also features:

Pump fed overflow / Gravity fed bypass
New Improved Eazy (middle chamber)
Clear Lid for Eazy Section
The Nexus Eazy breaks the mould as far as pond filters are concerned with a revolutionary approach.
Dirty water enters the filter’s inner chamber which acts as a vortex allowing larger solids to settle out.
Finer particles get caught in the EAZY chamber full of static Kaldnes biomedia.
Water then flows to the bubbling oxygen-enriched outer chamber, before clean water returns to the pond.
To clean the filter simply turn the direction of air flow (from air pump not supplied – 95lpm recommended) from your pond to the filter – The biomedia ‘bubble up’ releasing the dirt and this dirty water exits to waste.
Once water looks clean simply redirect the flow of water and air back to the outer chamber.
SIMPLE – and no need to get your hands dirty!
No wonder this product has made such an impact on the fishkeeping market, it’s simply brilliant.

Please Note: Due to the size of this item it will be delivered on a pallet, please call us to discuss your order.