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New products at GreenFingers

by John - August 7th, 2016.
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New products today at GreenFingers

Norfolk Leisure Iceni Waterproof Storage Dark Grey Bench - 4.5 x 3ft

Norfolk Leisure Iceni Waterproof Storage Dark Grey Bench – 4.5 x 3ft £135.99
Combing a stunning outdoor bench with a large storage box the Norfolk Iceni Waterproof Storage Bench is a versatile and functional piece of outdoor furniture that will quickly become an essential part of your gardening experience. With a storage capacity of 265-litres and made out of durable resin that will never rot or decay this is a garden investment that will benefit you for years to come.Features:High quality resinCreate stunning outdoor storage spaceWater-proof storageSpace for padlockDual functionFurniture colour: Dark Grey Wood EffectDouble up on function with the Norfolk Iceni Waterproof Storage Bench. This stunning piece of outdoor furniture is not only a large and comfortable bench but it also features a large storage box underneath.Whether you are looking to store outdoor cushions garden equipment or outdoor toys for the kids this box has plenty of space and thanks to its water-tight design it is also perfect for storing animal and bird food. This storage unit is also ideal for storing pool and hot tub accessories close by the pool for easy access while out swimming. This outdoor storage box features a space for a padlock (not included) so that you can safely leave things out in your garden without having to worry about them.The durable and long-lasting resin is famous for its high quality and will never rot corrode or decay making this a low maintenance piece of outdoor furniture. Suitable for outdoor use.Dimensions:Iceni Storage Bench 265-litre Capacity:H84 x W140 x D60cmWeight: 18kgWith its double function nature the Norfolk Iceni Waterproof Storage Bench is a highly versatile piece of outdoor furniture that will provide years of pleasurable use.

Garden Kneeling Pad

Garden Kneeling Pad £0.99
Give yourself that extra bit of comfort when kneeling in your garden or home with this Garden Kneeling Pad. It will keep your knees clean and dry and features a handy carry handle for easy storage.Made from lightweight foam it is easy to wipe clean. A great garden must-have at a fantastic value price! Dimensions: approx. W41 x D18 x H2.5cmPlease click here to view our Garden Tools Department

Wooden Nesting Box

Wooden Nesting Box £3.99
Entice blue tits to nest in your garden with this Wooden Nesting Box. It is also ideal for coal tits and marsh tits with a 25mm aperture to protect them from predators. Putting up an artificial birdhouse will help future generations of birds and give you much pleasure derived from observing them. Birds are a very valuable source of natural pest control as they will eat a wide variety of insects. Manufactured from fir with an overhanging painted green roof it will easily blend in and is a really great way for you to enjoy wildlife in your garden. The 25mm hole may appear to be too small for the blue tit to get through but it is definitely big enough. You might notice blue tits pecking at the hole but this is not due to its size. The RSPB suggest that the pecking may be a form of display by the male and that the females peck at the hole to test the strength of the wood to determine if the box will make a secure home. Easy to assembleIncludes chrome screwsDimensions: approx. W14 x D12 x H22cmOpening: 25mm

Door Insect Curtain - 4 Piece

Door Insect Curtain – 4 Piece £7.99
Fitting any standard doorway this white Insect Curtain comes in 4 pieces and is easy to install without specialist tools. It can be adjusted to fit any doorway which makes it ideal for both inside or out. The lightweight mesh panels open easily to allow people and pets through then swing back into place. Manufactured from fine net mesh it is a must-have for summer so that you can keep your door open and fresh air circulating without pesky insects invading your home! It is a must-have product for the summer that comes at a great price.Fits standard wooden doors PVC home doors and conservatory doorways UV light resistantGood visibilityWashable at 30COverall size: W100 x H215cm

Doff 3 In 1 Lawn Feed Weed  Moss Killer 3.5kg

Doff 3 In 1 Lawn Feed Weed Moss Killer 3.5kg £9.49
Doff 3 In 1 Lawn Feed Weed & Moss Killer|Size 3.5kg|Treats approximately 100 square meters|Apply when grass and weeds are actively growing

Irrigatia Automatic Watering System | Solar Irrigation System

Irrigatia Automatic Watering System | Solar Irrigation System £69.98
This unique fully automatic watering system is the perfect solution for irrigating plants from your water butt or similar non-pressured water supply. If you have an allotment or are taking a well deserved holiday this could be a life saver for your plants. Easily water your hanging baskets greenhouse treasures or vegetable patch with this intelligent system. Establish trees or specimen plants with minimal supervision. Simply insert the feeder tube into the water butt arrange the drip tube as required and switch on the unit. The unit will water automatically every 3 hours and the amount of water released varies depending upon the amount of sunlight detected and the position of the control knob. It will always apply more water in sunnier conditions when your plants need it most and you will find your garden will flourish with the regular accurate and direct application of water. Each unit can feed up to 36 drippers (12 supplied) can drip water up to 4m above the water source and is able to supply enough water for 5 large hanging baskets or 36 x 5 litre pots. This is an amazing eco-friendly device- solar powered and making full use of collected rainfall or grey water. A gardening innovation that will get the very best results and doesn

Vitax Growmore 10kg

Vitax Growmore 10kg £16.99
General purpose fertiliser for all around the garden|Vitax Growmore contains the three major nutrients essential for strong and healthy growth. Vitax Growmore promotes heavy crops of fruit and vegetables balanced vigorous plants and beautiful flowers|Available pack size: 1.25kg 2.5kg 5kg 10kg tub 25kg bag

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