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Price reductions at Dobies

by Sarah - August 7th, 2016.
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Dobies reduced the price on these products today

Raspberry Plants - Joan J

Raspberry Plants – Joan J was £23.98 now £19.98
Produces an abundance of large, bright, juicy raspberries, with a truly delicious flavour. What’s more, if you find you can’ t eat the fruit as quickly as you harvest it, Joan J comes out of the freezer tasting as sweet and delicious as the day it was picked. As a ‘primocane’ raspberry, it fruits on newly produced canes – harvest the first raspberries from late July/early August, and keep picking right through to the first frosts in October/November!

Raspberry Plants - All Gold

Raspberry Plants – All Gold was £14.99 now £12.99
An outstanding autumn-fruiting raspberry, producing large, golden yellow fruits, with a taste that is even more exquisite than its red-fruited sisters! An excellent raspberry for fresh use and freezing and also for garnishes and wine-making!

Strawberry Plants - Cambridge Favourite

Strawberry Plants – Cambridge Favourite was £12.99 now £10.99
Delicious medium-sized fruit. Superb disease resistance. RHS Award of Garden Merit winner.Plants supplied will be strong, open-ground runners (plants), certified under the Plant Health Propagation Scheme (PHPS). All plants will be hand graded and selected before packing.

Raspberry Plants - Malling Juno

Raspberry Plants – Malling Juno was £14.99 now £12.99
Firm, large and red berries of very good sweet flavour. Spine free with good disease resistance. Harvest late June-early August. Summer fruiting variety.

Strawberry Plants - Continuity Collection

Strawberry Plants – Continuity Collection was £21.99 now £20.00
Collection comprises 24 strawberry plants (6 of each variety): EElegance – An exciting mid to late season strawberry, bred at HRI East Malling, which was the highest yielding vareity in 2008/2009 trials. Berries are firm, conical, glossy orange/red, sweet and juicy.Sweetheart – Who could resist these sweet, juicy, dark red berries? Ready for picking from June, the small, conical fruit are aptly named as the berries strike the perfect balance between sweetness and acidity, making them extremely moreish. The compact, heavy-cropping plants show good resistance to a number of diseases.Florence – A late season variety producing prolific crops of large, sweet, dark red fruit from the end of June to end of July. Bred by HRI East Malling.Vibrant – Bred and selected by East Malling Research, Vibrant is a superb quality, heavy cropping early variety. It has rapidly become established as the premier early variety and has brought forward the English strawberry season by ten days! Harvest May-June. Height 41-50cm; spread 51-60cm; spacing 51-60cm.

Gooseberry Plants - Collection

Gooseberry Plants – Collection was £24.97 now £24.00
This collection comprises of 3 plants (1 of each variety):Invicta – Lush green fruits produced from June to July, on compact plants which are ideal for small gardens. Delicious flavour – recommended for pies, jams, preserves and freezing. Resistant to mildew. RHS ‘Award of Garden Merit’ winner.Hinnonmaki Yellow – Famous for its fruit’s delicious aroma and flavour (like a gooseberry, but with a hint of apricot!) this superb midseason gooseberry is very hardy and will produce a good crop of berries. Recommended for freezing.Pax – An attractive and delicious red dessert gooseberry, which is virtually spine-free – so picking the fruit each June could not be easier. Good vigour and mildew resistance make this an easy to grow gooseberry! Recommended for freezing.Each variety supplied as 2 year old plants.

Raspberry Plants - Octavia

Raspberry Plants – Octavia was £14.99 now £11.99
This reliable raspberry fruits in the gap between the summer and autumn fruiting varieties, producing a bountiful harvest of large, firm, uniform fruit from mid July to early August. The berries have good flavour and few seeds, and keep relatively well. Plants boast excellent winter hardiness.

Raspberry Plants - Glen Ample

Raspberry Plants – Glen Ample was £23.98 now £19.99
A high yielding summer-fruiting raspberry much favoured by professional growers. The large, round and conical-shaped berries have an excellent flavour and hold well on the spine-free canes. Harvest early-late July.

Raspberry Plants - Autumn Treasure

Raspberry Plants – Autumn Treasure was £14.99 now £12.99
A first-class primocane raspberry bred at East Malling. The large raspberries, which are an attractive colour and mouth-watering flavour, should be ready to harvest from late August/early September, and the canes are erect, self supporting and spine-free for easy picking.