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Price reductions at GreenFingers

by John - August 11th, 2016.
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Reduced products at GreenFingers

Terra FSC Fir Cold Frame - Small

Terra FSC Fir Cold Frame – Small was £16.99 now £12.99
Perfect for small gardens or patios the Terra Small FSC Fir Cold Frame allows you to start your seedlings earlier or harden off plants moved on from your greenhouse.The hinged lid can be propped open to allow for ventilation or easy access to your plants. The frame is made from high quality Fir that has been sourced from FSC Certified managed forests and features polycarbonate panels. Now you can grow your own tasty fruit vegetables or flowers safe in the knowledge they are protected from pests.Dimensions: W60 x D30 x H30cmClick here for Assembly Instructions.

Terra Aluminum Cold Frame 100 x 60cm

Terra Aluminum Cold Frame 100 x 60cm was £29.99 now £24.99
This durable Terra Aluminium Cold Frame is the perfect solution if you have minimal room in your garden. It will protect your plants all year round; during the winter it will act as a wind-guard and insulator and then in the summer it can be used as a mini-greenhouse.Ideal for delicate plants which need warmth but need to avoid direct sunlight it diffuses the light it lets through to create a more even-growing environment. This dispersal of light avoids hotspots and holds warmth better than many other kinds of glazing. The more constant temperature and avoidance of direct sunlight is ideal for new seedlings semi-indoor plants and other more delicate plants.It is a high quality product for your garden featuring aluminium frames with polycarbonate panels that are highly insulating light and virtually unbreakable making it ideal for busy gardens filled with boisterous pets and children. Growing your own seedlings and plants is made even easier as it not only protects your plants from the elements but also helps to prevent damage from pets or garden pests. Base not included. Easy access. Plants not included. Dimensions: L100 x W60 x H40cmPolycarbonate sheet thickness: 4mmCustomer note: Greenfingers products arrive flat packed for easy assembly. To view our range of greenhouse accessories please click here.Please click here for assembly instructions.

Terra FSC Fir Double Lid Apex Cold Frame - 90cm long

Terra FSC Fir Double Lid Apex Cold Frame – 90cm long was £44.99 now £34.99
Keep your plants safe in this large Terra FSC Fir Apex Cold Frame or grow a combination of crops so that they mature in rotation. You can get a wide range of different vegetables throughout the year! Durable. Easy to assemble. The transparent top admits sunlight and prevents heat escape via convection that would otherwise occur particularly at night. Essentially a cold frame functions as a miniature greenhouse season extension device.Made from high quality Fir sourced from FSC Certified managed forests and stained red this is not only an attractive cold frame but also a safe haven for your plants.The roof is sloped to capture more light from the winter sun to improve runoff of water and for easy access either side. When the sun is out you can prop either lid open to allow the natural airflow to get into the plants without full exposure to the elements.Dimensions: W90 x D80 x H59cmPlease Note: This does not some with a base. All Greenfingers products arrive flat-packed and will require some assembly.Click here for Assembly Instructions.

Gardman Walk-in Crop Cage

Gardman Walk-in Crop Cage was £54.99 now £49.99
Keep your crops covered from predators with this Gardman Walk in fruit Cage so that you can reap the benefits at harvest time. Ideal for vegetable patches raised beds or soft fruit this tough and flexible net cover has a net door to let you access you prized plants and fruit and this is supported by a sturdy frame made form robust plastic coated steel tube.Easy to assemble. No tools requiredNet door accessSteel tubing with metal and plastic fittingsThis good looking walk-in crop cage is easily assembled and will protect your precious plants and fruit bushes giving them a chance to fruit and bloom.Dimensions: W130 x D180 x H205cm

Wooden Apex Tool Shed - 3 x 6ft

Wooden Apex Tool Shed – 3 x 6ft was £129.99 now £109.99
Extra storage space in the garden is always handy and this Wooden Apex Garden Storage Shed is the ideal space-saving solution.Complete with two internal shelves and extra height at the bottom for taller items this shed is perfect for keeping your gardening essentials stored out of sight. Neat and compact this garden store will not overwhelm your outdoor space even in smaller gardens and the asphalt covered sloped roof helps to prevent snow water and debris from accumulating.This product is manufactured from high quality softwood fir sourced from well managed and sustainable forests to reduce environmental impact. An exceptional quality and eco-friendly timber product.Overall Dimensions: W80 x D49 x H190cmInner Dimensions: W64 x D38cmFloor to First Shelf: 79cm First Shelf to Top Shelf: 35cm Shelf Depth: 19.5cmPanel thickness: 1cmCustomer Note: You should maintain this shed with a good quality preservative every year or two in accordance with the manufacturer

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