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New products at Van Meuwen

by Sarah - August 12th, 2016.
Filed under: Jersey Plants, New Products.

New products added today at Van Meuwen

Tulip 'Rockstar Collection' - 100 tulip bulbs, 25 of each variety

Tulip ‘Rockstar Collection’ – 100 tulip bulbs, 25 of each variety £29.99
Enjoy this great value collection - a hand-selected mixture of beautiful tulips in a stunning range of colours. These carefully chosen tulip bulbs will ensure you have a stunning display in your patio containers or garden borders next spring. The four striking varieties in this collection are: ‘Candy Prince’, ‘Flaming Flag’, ‘Dynasty’ and ‘Queen of the Night’. Supplied as bulbs.Useful links:How to plant bulbs, corms and tubersCulinary note: Some parts of these flowers are edible. However, some people have had strong allergic reactions to tulip flowers. If touching them causes a rash, numbness etc. then tulip flowers should not be eaten. For more details about edible flowers click here.

Silk Tassel bush - 1 silk tassel brush plant in 3 litre pot

Silk Tassel bush – 1 silk tassel brush plant in 3 litre pot £19.99
Highly valued for its attractive winter catkins reaching up to 20cm (8") in length, this slow-growing evergreen shrub is a superb addition to the garden, providing all-year-round structure and winter interest. Red-purple shoots make a striking contrast to the glossy green leaves and as mid-winter approaches, masses of long, pendent catkins are elegantly displayed at the tips of the branches. Tolerant of dry shade and coastal conditions, grow Silk Tassel Bush in borders, as a stand-alone specimen, or trained as a wall shrub. Height: 4m (13’). Spread: 4m (13’). Supplied in a 3 litre pot.Useful links:How to plant trees and shrubs