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Price reductions at Dobies

by Sarah - August 13th, 2016.
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Dobies has cut the price of these products

Runner Bean Celebration Seeds

Runner Bean Celebration Seeds was £3.19 now £2.99
Stunning salmon-pink flowers! A very early maturing English-bred runner bean, which produces a good crop of smooth, tasty pods up to 30cm (12) in length. Good rust resistance. RHS Award of Garden Merit winner.

Tomato Seeds - Corazon F1

Tomato Seeds – Corazon F1 was £3.19 now £2.99
A productive hybrid of the heritage oxheart (cuor di bue) type. The healthy plants produce big, ribbed, meaty fruits of excellent flavour. Shows good resistance to Verticillium Wilt. Suitable for greenhouse or outdoors.(Cordon variety – One stem grown by pinching off side-shoots as they appear, needs staking and tying in.)

Gypsophila Seeds - Elegans Alba, Covent Garden Strain

Gypsophila Seeds – Elegans Alba, Covent Garden Strain was £1.29 now £0.99
Know someone getting married? Heres an easily grown item for the bouquets or for cut flower decoration. Sow this easy to grow annual direct outdoors. As a cut flower, goes superbly well with sweet peas. RHS Perfect For Pollinators. Height 45cm (18). Easy to grow. HA – Hardy annual.

Lobelia Seeds - Light Blue

Lobelia Seeds – Light Blue was £1.89 now £1.79
Lovely ‘Cambridge Blue’ colour on trailing foliage. Very colourful and a great foil for large flowered begonias. HHA – Half-hardy Annual. Pendula/trailing variety – retains a bushy, flower-covered habit throughout the summer.

Begonia Seeds - Parisienne Trailing Mixed

Begonia Seeds – Parisienne Trailing Mixed was £4.99 now £3.99
Parisienne represents a new direction in begonia breeding in that it is quite unique in having fragrant flowers. This combined with a cascading, trailing habit makes it ideal for hanging baskets and large tubs. It is very showy with large flowers in a host of colours. Height 24cm (10). HHA – Half-hardy annual.

Dwarf French Bean Seeds - Compass

Dwarf French Bean Seeds – Compass was £2.19 now £1.99
Extra fine french bean as would be seen in the finest range in supermarkets. A super fine bean that has exceptional flavour and very high yields. One of the tastiest ‘extra fine’ French beans – so prolific and not susceptible to disease. Harvest May-September.Toby says: I highly recommend this extra fine french bean as would be seen in the finest range in supermarkets. A super fine bean that has exceptional flavour and very high yields.

Pepper Seeds - Redskin F1

Pepper Seeds – Redskin F1 was £3.19 now £2.49
Superb glistening green fruit, which turn red on maturity, are clustered around a compact central stem. Ideal for pots, tubs, growing bags or garden planting. Recommended for deep freezing. RHS Award of Garden Merit winner. Height 30-40cm (12-16). Patio/windowsill sweet pepper.

Cabbage Seeds - Kilazol F1

Cabbage Seeds – Kilazol F1 was £2.99 now £2.49
Toby says: High quality, round headed white cabbage. Produces heads weighing between 1.5-2.5kg. Ideal for long term field standing and stores well in the fridge. Harvest September-December. An improvement on any clubroot resistant cabbage, with long storage and much better taste!Excellent clubroot resistanceAutumn harvest

Petunia Seeds - Reflections Mixed F1

Petunia Seeds – Reflections Mixed F1 was £4.69 now £4.48
Still a great favourite with Dobies customers! Why has it stood the test of time? Partly because of the flower size, but also because of the lovely veined blooms, which bring a coolness to the hottest of summer days. Medium-large flowers. Height 30cm (12). HHA – Half-hardy annual. Floribunda variety.