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New products at GreenFingers

by John - August 23rd, 2016.
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New item at GreenFingers

Terra FSC Fir Compost Bin - 246 Litres

Terra FSC Fir Compost Bin – 246 Litres £19.99
This medium sized Greenfingers FSC Fir Compost Bin has a slatted design that ensures good air circulation for composting. ACQ pressure treated for durability. It is a simple but effective composter made from ACQ pressure treated timber pieces that simply slot together. One of the keys to composting is aeration and the exposure to air in this slatted compost bin encourages microbial activity speeding up the composting process.Manufactured from high quality fir from FSC Certified managed forests so you know this has come from a well-managed environment it is a great way to recycle grass clippings and food waste and keeps your garden tidy too.Composting is an indispensable tool for any successful home gardener. Using a compost bin not only gives you an abundant supply of nutrient-rich soil for planting but it also provides an environmentally sound place to throw away waste food and other organic items. Dimensions: W83 x D83 x H60cmCapacity: 246 litres Click here for Wood Information.Click here for composting instructions. Click here for assembly instructions.Customer Note: Treated with ACQ pressure treatment this product is designed to last. While assembling this product it is advisable that you wear gloves and it is also inadvisable to burn pressure treated timber.

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