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Price reductions at Blooming Direct

by John - August 24th, 2016.
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Blooming Direct reduced the price on these items today

Pair of Rhombus Black & Copper Planters 27cm

Pair of Rhombus Black & Copper Planters 27cm was £12.99 now £6.49
Spruce up your patio and garden with these attractive decorative planters. Perfect for planting colourful bedding plants and shrubs that will stand out against the copper & black hand finished design. Each pot is made from durable weatherproof plastic, with a glazed, easy to clean finish. Can be used outdoors on your patio or by your front door or porchway, and just use a saucer underneath if using indoors as each pot has drainage holes underneath.

Genuine Vintage Dutch Wooden Bulb Crate 70 x 55 x 10cm

Genuine Vintage Dutch Wooden Bulb Crate 70 x 55 x 10cm was £9.99 now £6.99
Own your own little piece of growing history with these genuine vintage Dutch bulb crates. Perfect for storing freshly picked apples or pears picked from the tree – and a million and one other ideas! Each crate is exclusive & completely unique they are over 30 years old and have been used to store bulbs for years. Dutch bulbs have been stored in these traditional crates for decades in the area southwest of Amsterdam, where most of the bulbs are grown. With solid wood construction with a metal mesh base (essential for allowing air to circulate around the bulbs, to stop them rotting off), they are built to last for years. They’re perfect for storing produce that needs to be aerated, or can be used to tidy up your shed or greenhouse theyre great for storing pots, seeds & tools. Because they are stackable, they’ll save you loads of space! You can also use them to grow herbs or other shallow root plants. Each one is stencilled with the original growers name, and is unique. A perfect gift with a great story!

Delosperma 'Wheels of Wonder' 6 x 9cm

Delosperma ‘Wheels of Wonder’ 6 x 9cm was £19.99 now £9.99
Following the launch of Jewel of the Desert here is ‘Wheels of Wonder’ – the latest breeding breakthrough from the same Japanese enthusiast! The result of more than a decades painstaking work these new ‘Hardy Ice Plants’ sparkle like gems all summer long no matter how hot and dry the weather is and are incredibly easy to look after as they are trouble free and fully hardy. Most people probably have not heard of Delopsperma, but they are close relations of other trailing succulent types like commonly known Mesembryanthemum, and the borderline hardy Lampranthus often seen on dry stone walls in Cornwall and the South West. The new Wheels of Wonder series all have a distinctive white ring around the centre of their large flowers, giving them a completely new look too, sitting tight into their foliage. Although quite small, the flowers smother the established plants all Summer long. They love being baked warm and dry in our Summer sun, and conversely hate wet feet in Winter. Therefore we suggest growing in pots, in well-drained soil with added grit and sand. They will spread to cover the pots, and trail down over the side. Or they work well in very dry banks and stone wall crevices, as this new series are totally hardy too, and as part of traditional alpine gardens.

Box (Buxus) Balls 25cm diameter - Pair

Box (Buxus) Balls 25cm diameter – Pair was £39.99 now £19.99
It’s hard to beat the sleek and simple lines of well-trimmed quality Buxus balls, adding a smart, modern, yet classic, look to any garden. Whether dressing either side of a classic porch, or in minimalist decking gardens, it’s hard to think of another easy to grow, yet versatile plant as god as Box. Totally hardy too, leave them out all year – they look great covered in snow too!! Grown slowly over 4 years, regularly trimmed 2 or 3 times a year to get the fabulous razor-sharp ball shape, they are super-green and fresh, and the centres have none of the brown middle die-back cheaper Box can suffer from. You may buy cheaper, but not better we are sure. The key with Box is not to let them dry out – especially when in full sun for much of the day. Keep the roots cool and well-watered. Trim with sharp shears once or twice a year, and feed with a balanced fertiliser from May to September, applied to the soil. Start thinking of those containers you may put them in now, and take advantage of these very special quality plants.

Pair of Box (Buxus) Pyramids 45-50cm tall

Pair of Box (Buxus) Pyramids 45-50cm tall was £39.99 now £29.99
These fully winter hardy and evergreen beauties will provide a stately look and feel to your home in pots, placed either side of a doorway or planted in to a bed or border they will look great. If you have always fancied having your own topiary, this is the perfect place to start incredibly low-maintenance and requiring little more than an occasional trim, they will last for many years and get bigger and better each season. Often sold at much higher prices, this pair of Box Pyramids represents great value for money!