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New products at Dobies

by Sarah - August 26th, 2016.
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New products at Dobies

Calibrachoa Chameleon (12)

Calibrachoa Chameleon (12) £11.99
A mesmerising calibrachoa that will change colours throughout the season! In glorious shades of pink to yellows, with slight green tinges, this is a truly fascinating variety that will keep you guessing throughout the summer! Stunning in baskets, containers and borders. Semi-trailing habit.

Verbena Mickey Collection (12)

Verbena Mickey Collection (12) £12.99
Beautiful trailing plants for pots, baskets and borders, bearing a profusion of flower heads, each one exhibiting an unusual gradation of colour from the central to the outermost blooms. The mix comprises shades of blue, pink and purple that would look fabulous mixed with other basket plants or planted in a basket/pot on their own. Trailing habit.

Bacopa Secrets Double Lavender (12)

Bacopa Secrets Double Lavender (12) £11.99
Not only are the elegant pale lavender-blue blooms of this variety double, they’re also much bigger than normal bacopa flowers. Perfect for baskets and containers, or even in a border as ground cover, they will be covered in these glorious double blooms throughout summer. Spreading/trailing habit.