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New products at John Lewis

by John - August 31st, 2016.
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John Lewis has these new lines today

Artstone Ella Vase Planter, Black, H49cm

Artstone Ella Vase Planter, Black, H49cm £39.00
This tall vase planter is made from a unique stone composite which makes it lightweight, yet robust. It’s frostproof, 100% recyclable and UV stable, with an efficient drainage system – so no waterlogged plants in wet weather.

Artstone Ella Vase Black, H70cm

Artstone Ella Vase Black, H70cm £89.00
With clean lines and a neat shape, this attractive vase comes with a hidden drainage system that prevents the planter from flooding. Made from artstone, a unique stone powder set in resin composite, it has the look of real stone and is both strong and lightweight. You can easily move it into the perfect spot and leave it outdoors all year round.