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New products at Harrod Horticultural

by John - September 7th, 2016.
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Harrod Horticultural has this new item today

Capillary Matting

Capillary Matting £2.95
Use Capillary Matting In The Greenhouse (our Greenhouse Staging Is Ideal) To Water Plants Economically And (almost) Automatically, As This Versatile Material Absorbs And Holds Water Which Can Be Drawn Up By Soil In Pot Plants Positioned On The Matting. this Process Is Known As Capillary Watering And Keeping The Capillary Matting Moist Will Allow Your Plants To Fend For Themselves In The Heigt Of Summer. Weve Two Widths Of Capillary Matting Available; The 61cm (24″) Version Fits Sungly On Our Corresponding Size Of Greenhouse Staging And The 50cm (20″) Wide Version Is Popular For Smaller Greenhouse Watering Set-ups.the Capillary Matting Is Easy To Cut With Scissors Or A Knife, Is Sold In Metre Lengths And Can Be Used With The Dark Or Light Side Uppermost. The White Surface Will Reflect Light And Heat In The Summer Months To Help Ripen Fruit And The Darker Surface – Which Varies Between Dark Green, Grey And Black – Attracts And Retains Heat During Cooler Periods. For Complete Peace Of Holiday Watering Mind, Try Our Self Watering Trays Which Come Complete With Capillary Matting; And With The Largest Boasting A 30 Litre Reservoir, Your Plants Wont Go Thirsty!capillary Matting Available In Both 61cm (24) And 50cm (20) Widthsprices Shown Per Metre Lengthideal For Greenhouse Wateringsimply Soak Matting And Stand Pots On Surfacewhite And Dark Surfaceslighter Colour Helps Reflect Heat And Light And Aids Fruit Ripeningdarker Surface Ideal For Spring And Autumn As It Attracts And Retains Heatcapillary Matting Easily Cut With Scissors Or Knifeour Greenhouse Staging Provides An Ideal Surface For Matting And Is Available In 61cm (24) Width Amongst Other Size Optionscan Be Usd To Line Propagatorsused In Our Self Watering Tray Kits darker Colour May Vary In Shade But Performance Is Unaffected