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New products at Van Meuwen

by Sarah - September 7th, 2016.
Filed under: Jersey Plants, New Products.

Van Meuwen just added these new lines

Lobelia 'Ultra Cascade' - 72 lobelia plug tray plants

Lobelia ‘Ultra Cascade’ – 72 lobelia plug tray plants £14.97
A sparkling array of dainty flowers in shades of indigo, pale blue, white, purple and lilac. Lobelia ‘Ultra Cascade’ looks stunning tumbling over the sides of patio containers, hanging baskets, window boxes and pouches® where it creates a froth of colour which lasts all summer long. Versatile and easy to grow this pretty plant looks great mixed in with other summer annuals. Trails to: 45cm (18"). Supplied as plug tray plants.

Sweet Potato 'Carolina Ruby' - 6 sweet potato plug plants

Sweet Potato ‘Carolina Ruby’ – 6 sweet potato plug plants £12.99
Sweet potatoes are highly versatile and increasing in popularity. Traditionally grown in warmer climates, Sweet Potato ‘Carolina Ruby’ has been bred for the cooler UK climate and produces flavoursome orange-fleshed tubers with ruby red skins. Easy to grow from our special deep-rooted plug plants, plant sweet potatoes straight into your garden or try them in patio bags! They reliably produce a generous crop of tubers from mid-September, which are delicious for wedges, baking or mash. Spread: 3m (10’). Supplied as plug plants.

Busy Lizzie 'Divine' (New Guinea) - 72 Busy Lizzie plug tray plants

Busy Lizzie ‘Divine’ (New Guinea) – 72 Busy Lizzie plug tray plants £11.97
 Customer Review RatingSince 2011 Busy Lizzie stocks have been virtually eradicated by the fungal disease Downy Mildew. Fortunately New Guinea varieties like Busy Lizzie ‘Divine’ are unaffected so you can be sure of a fabulous display. Its large flowers in a mix of red, orange, lavender, white and magenta are perfect for adding colour to patio pots and garden borders. These robust Impatiens plants are vigorous and strong growing, withstanding wet, dry, cold or hot conditions throughout the summer. Height: 30cm (12"). Spread: 35cm (14").

Potato Cleaning Gloves - 1 pair

Potato Cleaning Gloves – 1 pair £9.99
This handy pair of gloves is specially designed to make easy work of cleaning soil off potatoes before use or storage. You’ll wonder how you managed without them!Useful links:How to plant and grow potatoes