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New products at Lawn Mowers UK

by Sarah - September 15th, 2016.
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Lawn Mowers UK has these new lines today

Tondu TSC1200 Steel Garden Trailer

Tondu TSC1200 Steel Garden Trailer £259.00
The Tondu TSC1200 steel garden trailer can be used for loads of
soil, gravel or sand. It has a 1200 lbs capacity and the loads can be tipped
from the trailer using a simple foot pedal release.The TSC1200 can be used with any sit on lawn mower or lawn tractor and uses a simple hitch pin mechanism for attaching. The trailer
bed measures 150 x 77.5 x 51.5 cm.Warranty: Manufacturer’s 1 year

Construction: Steel

Tondu TSR36 Tow Behind Garden Roller

Tondu TSR36 Tow Behind Garden Roller £199.00
The Tondu TSR36 lawn and garden roller is of a steel
construction and can be towed behind a sit on lawnmower or garden tractor. With
a 36 inch width the TSR36 steel roller can help to achieve a striped effect on
lawns. Comes supplied with a hitch pin attachment.

Manufacturer’s 1 year warranty

Tondu TTS125 125lb Tow Behind Lawn Spreader

Tondu TTS125 125lb Tow Behind Lawn Spreader £139.00
The Tondu TTS125 is a good value tow behind fertiliser spreader. The TTS125 has a rust-proof poly hopper which can hold up to 125lbs /
60 litres of material. The poly hopper can also be filled with salt or ice melt for
de-icing during the Winter months. Material must be kept dry to allow it to
pass through the rust-proof spreading plate. Large 14 inch pneumatic tyres mean the Tondu spreader can be used
over uneven ground when attached behind a garden tractor. The Tondu TTS125 attaches to a ride on lawnmower or lawn tractor with a hitch pin.

Material is kept dry by fitting the supplied rain cover over
the hopper.