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Multi-coloured vegetables

by Diane - September 21st, 2016.
Filed under: Thompson and Morgan, Vegetables.

How about buying some rainbow coloured vegetable seeds?

Your garden or veg plot could look absolutely amazing if you grew some of these fantastic multi-coloured vegetables.

Swiss Chard ‘Bright Lights’ – 1 packet (80 swiss chard seeds)
This exciting RHS AGM leaf beet, produces a rainbow of coloured stems that are crowned with large leaves of green or bronze. The flavour is deliciously mild and packed with nutritional content. Leaf Beet ‘Bright Lights’ can be harvested from mid-summer to late autumn, and after a normal winter, it will re-emerge to give an unbelievably early spring crop! Guaranteed lo brighten the vegetable patch, or why not grow this colourful swiss chard cultivar in ornamental borders. Height: 50cm (20"’). Spread: 40cm (16"’)

Swiss Chard ‘Five Colour Silverbeet’ – Heritage – 1 packet (200 swiss chard seeds)
A rainbow mix of vibrant stem and leaf colours maintained as an Australian heirloom. An excellent value crop as the juicy, mild flavoured broad stems (chards), and the leaves (as spinach) can be eaten. Both are best steamed, but as baby leaves the stems and leaves can be added to salads. Decorative vegetable perfect for borders and containers

Beetroot ‘Rainbow Beet’ (Globe) – 1 packet (250 beetroot seeds)
Visually stunning 5 variety beetroot mixture - the colours of the outer skins, sliced flesh and contrasting shades of stems and leaves are amazing! And so is the flavour. Just wash young roots, peel and slice raw into salads for tasty crunch and colour. The tender stems and leaves make excellent salad ingredients too, or can be steamed and eaten like spinach or chard. ‘Baby’ roots are ideal for pickling, whilst mature roots can be steamed and enjoyed in a variety of dishes. Collection Includes: Subeto F1, Boldor, Chioggia, Albina vereduna and Bulls Blood Scarletta.

Carrot ‘Rainbow’ F1 Hybrid – 1 packet (300 carrot seeds)
This colourful mix brings together F1 Hybrids in some of the best shades resulting from unique breeding over many years. Carrot ‘Rainbow’ produces a diverse range of skin and core colours that are all packed with vitamins. Perfect for adding a splash of colour to cooked dishes and salads. Height: 30cm (12"’). Spread: 15cm (6"’)

Radish ‘Rainbow Mixed’ – 1 packet (500 radish seeds)
T&M has hand selected this visually stunning array of coloured skinned radishes all with crisp, white, delicious flesh. Radish Rainbow Mixed have round to plum shaped roots with white, purple, red, white and red, or a stunning gold skin, to add colour to your summer salads or sandwiches. Summer sowings grow quickly and will be ready to harvest in 28 days.

Tomato ‘Rainbow Blend’ F1 Hybrid – 1 packet (8 tomato seeds)
What more could you want from a tomato. Juicy, sweet and colourful! Simply stunning mix of four colours of ‘baby plums’ - Katiebell (yellow), Lizziebell (orange), Luciebell (red) and Flamingo (pink) - will make attractive and productive plants this summer. Contrasting fruit colours will add to the interest and taste of your salads, sauces and a whole host of other tomato dishes. Fruits are oblong and very juicy, weighing on average 16-20g (0.5 - 0.75oz) and with high levels of sweetness. A ‘must-have’ tomato for your garden this season