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New products at Harrod Horticultural

by John - November 15th, 2016.
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New items today at Harrod Horticultural

Squirrel Trap

Squirrel Trap £21.95
Grey Squirrels Can Be An Interminable Garden Pest; They Dig Up Bulbs, Pinch Fruit, Steal Birds Eggs, Gnaw The Bark Off Trees And Even Munch On Foliage When Nut Stores Run Low, So Trapping And Removing Them With Our Squirrel Trap Makes Good Garden Sense. the Rust-resistant Galvanised Wire Mesh Trap Is Open At Both Ends, Encouraging The Squirrel In To Feed On The Bait Which Is Placed Near A Sensitive Base Plate And When Triggered Both Doors Spring Into The Locked Position, Trapping The Creature Inside. At 61cm In Length, The Squirrel, Rat Or Other Similar Sized Pest Captured In The Trap Is Unlikely To Be Harmed And The Transportation Is Easy Thanks To The Carrying Handle. Ideal For Use In Lofts Or Outbuildings, The Catch Trap Comes Complete With Fully Illustrated Instructions. 21cm Wide By 17cm In Catch Trap So Does Not Harm Trapped Creaturemanufactured From Rust-resistant Galvanised Wiretrap Measures 61cm L X 21cm W X 17cm Hdoors Open At Both Ends To Encourage Squirrels To Visitcarrying Handle For Easy Transportationsensitive Trigger Plate Detects Feeding Intrudersfully Illustrated Instructionsquick And Simple To Setsuitable For Indoor And Garden Usepeanuts Are A Recommended Choice Of Baitwill Also Safely Catch Similar Squirrel-sized Pestsalthough We Supply The Traps And Can Deal With Any Technical Or Manufacturing Questions, We Do Not Have The Expertise To Advise On The Humane Disposal Of Trapped Animals. We Would Recommend You Contact Defra Or The Rspca As They Should Be Able To Give A Definitive Humane Disposal Method Of Trapped Animals Which Meets Any Current Legislation In Place.

Mega-sonic Solar Mole Spike

Mega-sonic Solar Mole Spike £19.95
If You Want To Get Rid Of Moles Easily But Safely And In All Weathers Without Harming Your Pets Then Look No Further Than The Defenders Sonic Mole Spike! The Weather Proof Spike Is Easily Inserted Into Your Lawn Where It Will Harmlessly And Effectively Deter Moles From Your Garden.the Sonic Solar Mole Spike Emits A Sonic Pulse Every 50 Seconds Which Will Drive The Moles Away Into A New Territory But Does Not Harm Them In Any Way. The Sonic Pulse Has A Range Of 15 Metres So Will Work For Most Gardens, For Larger Gardens More Than One Mole Spike May Be Required. product Proves Most Effective If Moved Around The Garden As This Will Trick The Moles. this Sonic Solar Mole Repellent Has A Solar Rechargeable Power Pack Which Means It Can Work Well In All Weathers And Does Not Require Batteries.drives Off Moles Without Harm To Protect Lawns, Seed Beds And Seedling Plantsbuilt-in Solar Rechargeable Power-pack Works Continuously Overnight And In Poor Weather Conditionseasy-to-set, Weather-proof Housing And One Touch Test Button

Anti Mole Bulbs

Anti Mole Bulbs £19.95
Once These Anti Mole Bulbs Are Planted To A Depth Of 2″- 3″ Using The Special Planting Tool, They Secrete A Smell That Humans Cant Detect But Forces Moles To Stay Away Or Move On Without Resorting To Pesticides Or Poison. The Planting Tool Is Available Separately Or With The Bulbs As An Extra Value Offer!one Pot Of Bulbs Will Cover 500sqm10 Bulbs Per Potscent Continues To Repel For Between 2 To 5 Yearsbulbs And Planter Available Separatelyplant Bulbs Before Frostsplanting Distance Between The Bulbs 8m (9 Yds)planting Depth 5-8 Cm (2-3in)bulbs Produce Small Green Shoot With Yellow Flower – Simply Mow Off When Cutting Lawnextra Value Offer – Buy Bulbs And Planter Together And Save 2

Rabbit & Chicken Wire

Rabbit & Chicken Wire £18.95
This Rabbit Chicken Wire Is Perfect For Protecting Your Crops And Bulbs From Burrowing Rabbits And Squirrels, Ideal For Chicken Runs And The Galvanised Wire Mesh Can Also Provide An Extra Deterrent Around The Base Of Fruit Cages.the Galvanised Hexagonal Wire Mesh Comes In A Natural Finish And Also In A Green Plastic Coated Finish. The Natural Finish Wire Comes In 2 Heights, 3ft (91cm) And 6ft (1.8m) And 2 Mesh Sizes. The Green Wire Is Available In 1m Height (3ft 3″) And Is Available In 3 Mesh Sizes.galvanised Hexagonal Wire Meshavailable In Natural Green Plastic Coated Finish3 Mesh Sizes – 0.5″ (13mm) – 0.7mm Wire Gauge, 1″ (25mm) – 0.9mm Wire Gauge 2″ (50mm) – 1.0mm Wire Gaugenatural Finish Supplied In 2 Heights – 3ft (91cm) 6ft (1.8m)3ft Height – Supplied In 10m Rolls6ft Height – Supplied In 25m 50m Rollsgreen Supplied In 1m Height (3ft 3″) In 10m Rollsfor All Sizes And Prices See Help And Advice Section

Brown Ground Cover Fabric

Brown Ground Cover Fabric £14.95
Made From An Organic Mulch Fleece Material, The Strong 70gsm Groundcover Also Reduces Water Evaporation Whilst Preventing Weeds. an Ideal Alternative To The Traditional Black Weed Control Fabrics, This New Brown Ground Cover Is Available In 2 Widths 1.5m 3m As 10m Rolls.prevent Weeds From Coming Through The Soil In Your Greenhouse And Gardenbrown Colour Blends Well Into Garden100% Weed-proof, 100% Water Permeableextra Strong Fleece Materialreduces Water Evaporationlightweightavailable In 2 Sizes – 1.5m X 3m Widesupplied On A 10m Roll

Mains Adapter For Mega Sonic Cat Repeller

Mains Adapter For Mega Sonic Cat Repeller £11.95
The 9v Mains Adapter Is Designed To Be Used With The Mega Sonic Cat Repeller To Save Battery Changes And Comes With A 7m Cable Reach.

Black Organic Mulching Film

Black Organic Mulching Film £10.95
This Black Organic Mulching Film Has Been Designed To Ensure The Greatest Wet Strength Possible, Not Only Totally Degradable, It Is Also 100% Compostable, Leaving No Trace Of Residues. It Has Received Organic Certification For The Uk As Well As Mainland To Withstand The Elements During A Typical Uk Growing Seasonhelps To Prevent Sunlight Reaching The Soil, Inhibits Germination Of Weed Seed Present In The Soilorganic Mulching Film Creates A Barrier Against Airborne Weedscreates A Micro-climate That Speeds Up Root Growth To Establish Plants when Harvesting The Organic Mulching Film Can Simply Be Incorporated Into The Soilonce Buried, It Decomposes Along With Other Vegetable Mattersupplied In A 1.5m X 10m Pack

Nemasys Natural Fruit & Veg Protection

Nemasys Natural Fruit & Veg Protection £5.90
The Nemasys Natural Fruit And Veg Protection Takes The Guesswork Out Of Garden Pest Control And Makes Life In The Garden So Much Simpler; Theres No More Trying To Remember What Spray Or Predator You Need To Control Specific Pests Or When To Apply Them With This Lethal Cocktail Of Garden Pest-seeking Nematodes Around!capable Of Controlling Carrot Root Fly, Cabbage Root Fly, Cutworm, Onion Fly, Sciarids, Caterpillars, Gooseberry Saw Fly, Thrips And Codling Moth, This Really Is The Must Have Pest Protection In The Fruit And Vegetable Garden. a Single Application Of Natural Fruit And Veg Protection Once The Soil Temperature Hits 12c Will Provide Control For Up To 6 Weeks – And It Will Also Look After Codling Moth Larvae When Applied To Trees Or Soil. Each Pack Covers 60 Square Metres (or 16 Trees In The Case Of Codling Moth Larvae) And A Double Pack Option Is Also Available, Supplied At Six Week Intervals Which Saves Both Re-ordering And Postage Costs.want The Peace Of Mind That Grow Your Own Is Dealing With Garden Pests. Try Our Total Control Programme. please Note : This Item Will Be Despatched At The Optimum Time For Application. This Live Product Is Despatched To Uk Mainland Addresses Only.carrot Root Fly – Apply April To Julycabbage Root Fly – Apply April To Julycutworm – Apply April To Julyonion Fly – Apply April To Julysciarid Fly – Apply April To Julycaterpillars – Apply When Pest Is Presentgooseberry Sawfly – Apply When Pest Is Presentthrips – Apply When Pest Is Presentcarrot Root Fly, Cabbage Root Fly, Cutworm, Onion Fly – To Apply, Use A Watering Can With A Coarse Rose Or A Hose End Feeder. Apply As A Drench Around Roots Of The Plants Or Where Pest Is Present. Apply To Moist Soil And Water In. Covers Up To 60m2. Start Treatment April To July Or When Crop Is At Risk Of Damage. Apply After Planting And Throughout The Growing Season When Pests Are Present. Fortnightly Application Maintains Control And Catches Subsequent Generati

Superior Windbreak And Greenhouse Shade Netting

Superior Windbreak And Greenhouse Shade Netting £2.95
Heres A Netting You Can Use All Year Round – The Superior Windbreak And Greenhouse Shade Netting Puts The Brake On Damaging Winter And Early Spring Gusts Before Turning Its Impressive 50% Shade-giving Capabilites To Protecting Greenhouse Seedlings And Plants From The Scorching Rays Of The Mid Summer Sun.this Green, High Density Windbreak Is Made From Strong, Uv Stabilised, Monofilament Polyethylene And Reduces The Destructive Physical And Drying Effects Of Wind, Whilst Also Providing 50% Shade.the Windbreak And Shade Netting Comes Complete With Eyelets Woven Into The Seam Every 1″ For Easy Fixing To Posts Or Greenhouse Glazing Bars And Is Available In 1m, 2m 3m Widths, By The Linear Metre Or In A Range Of Extra Value Saver Packs. extra Value Offer! Save Up To 30 With Our Extra Value Superior Windbreak And Greenhouse Shade Netting Packs!superior Windbreak And Greenhouse Shade Netting Supplied In 1, 2 And 3m Widthssold By The Linear Metre Or In 10, 25 And 50m Pre-cut Cash-saving Packs100 Grams Per Square Metrehigh Density Polyethylenegreen In Colourprovides 50% Shadeuse To Protect Plants And Shrubs From Damaging Winter Windsideal For Sun Protection In Greenhouse In Summereyelets Woven Into Top And Bottom Seams For Easy Fixing1″ Space Between Eyeletsattach To Posts For Wind Protectioncan Be Tied To Glazing Bars Or Roof Beams In Greenhouse For 50% Shade