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Take care of your Christmas poinsettia: advice from Baby Bio®

by Diane - November 23rd, 2016.
Filed under: indoor gardening.
Take care of your Christmas poinsettia: advice from Baby Bio®
Few things say Christmas more than a beautiful, striking poinsettia.
Once the red bracts start to fade many people throw them away, but with a little care the colour will deepen again and the plants will flourish.
A few drops of Baby Bio® Original or a Baby Bio® Original Drip Feeder in the pot and the colour of your poinsettia will get richer.
Baby Bio® has five top tips for making sure your poinsettia flourish throughout Christmas and beyond.
  1. Place in a nice light spot but not direct sunlight.
  2. Keep them away from drafts and avoid anywhere too cool.
  3. Water sparingly; over-watering could harm the plant.
  4. Feed monthly by putting a few drops of Baby Bio® in the watering can.
  5. Mist the plants regularly to prolong the flowering period.
“Poinsettia are stunning plants at any time of year so why not this year give them the care and attention they need to keep on flowering into the New Year,” said Christina Bouzala, Group Brand Manager of SMB Life Science Limited, owner of Baby Bio®.
“If you want to keep the plants for next year prune them in the spring, repot in the summer and then look forward another striking display next Christmas!”