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Price reductions at John Lewis

by John - November 27th, 2016.
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John Lewis has cut the price of these items

Kärcher Wheel Washing Brush

Kärcher Wheel Washing Brush was £20.00 now £19.00
This wheel washing brush from Kärcher provides effective 360° cleaning thanks to its shape and all-round bristles. It’s ideal for hard to reach areas and small recesses, such as wheels and bicycle spokes. Uniform 360° water distribution for dissolving and flushing away the dirt A union nut for secure mounting to the trigger gun Ergonomically shaped handle for easy and comfortable handling Quality bristles for efficient and gentle-action cleaning Suitable for domestic Kärcher pressure washer k-series

Kärcher Accessory Car Cleaning Kit

Kärcher Accessory Car Cleaning Kit was £49.00 now £48.00
The complete car cleaning accessory kit to help you clean and maintain your vehicle, the Krcher Accessory Car Cleaning Kit includes all of the individual accessories you need for an optimum all-round clean of your car. The kit is made of five different items that have a range of cleaning functions that can be applied on your car, caravan or motorbike. WB 50 brush Soft surface-protecting bristles for thorough cleaning of all types of surfaces. Ultra Foam Cleaner 3-in-1 (1 litre) Maximum cleaning efficiency, care and protection in just one procedure. Connect ‘n’ Clean foam jet Quicker and more convenient change of detergent with a single click. 3-in-1 rim cleaner (500ml) Gently removes brake dust, winter grit and other road dirt from all steel and alloy wheels. 3-in-1 insect remover (500ml) Gentle removal of insects from paint surfaces, radiator grilles, external mirrors, panels, plastic parts. Compatible units: K2 Compact K2 Home K2 Premium Home K7 Premium Ecologic Home K4 K4 Premium Ecologic Home K5 Premium Ecologic Home K4 Compact K4 Compact Home K4 Home K2 Compact Home K5 Compact Home K2 Compact Car & Home K5 Car & Home

Kärcher VP 160 Jet Washer Head

Kärcher VP 160 Jet Washer Head was £85.00 now £81.00
For hard to reach places, Kärcher’s VP 160 Vario Power Jet includes an infinite pressure regulator and is adjustable 360°. Suitable for use with the Kärcher K5-K7 high pressure washers.

Kärcher 6m High Pressure Hose Extension

Kärcher 6m High Pressure Hose Extension was £29.47 now £29.00
Kärcher’s high pressure hoses are engineered for greater durability whilst offering improved flexibility. This hose extension is designed to extend the reach of your existing hose. For K2-K7 pressure washers with Quick Connect connector.

Kärcher 3-in-1 Car Shampoo, 1L

Kärcher 3-in-1 Car Shampoo, 1L was £7.00 now £6.50
The Kärcher 3-in-1 car shampoo has a unique 3-in-1 formula which provides exceptional cleaning performance thanks to an active dirt dissolver, as well as a quick dry and ultra-shine formula. Mildly alkaline it produces a rich foam for a thorough car wash, ideal for gentle cleaning. The bottle can be docked directly into the pressure washer using Kärcher’s unique plug and clean system. Compatible with all Kärcher pressure washers.