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New products at Suttons Seeds

by Sarah - December 6th, 2016.
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New products today at Suttons Seeds

Salvia Farinacea Seascape (15)

Salvia Farinacea Seascape (15) £8.99
In three beautiful colours, Seascape is weather tolerant (especially to drought) and flowers all summer. Perfect on its own or as a foil to stronger colours. Height 35cm (14); spacing 30cm (12).

Marigold Zenith Mixed (15)

Marigold Zenith Mixed (15) £7.99
Robust African/French hybrid plants bearing a profusion of large, double, rain-resistant blooms, in a delightful mix of colours. And because the plants don’t set seed, they go on blooming for months with no need for dead-heading! Height 23-25cm (9-10); spacing 25cm (10).French and Afro-French marigolds are often cited as the most powerful tagetes species for repelling insects. This also makes them a beneficial companion to vegetables!

Petunia Grand Rapids (15)

Petunia Grand Rapids (15) £7.99
A dazzling mix, from pale pastels to deep blues, and from eye-catching veined flowers to pretty stars! Height 25-30cm (10-12); spacing 30cm (12).

Marigold Sunspot Mixed (15)

Marigold Sunspot Mixed (15) £7.99
With its beautiful ball-shaped heads of attractively frilled petals, Sunspot blooms will make a spectacular addition to your garden. Early flowering and uniform in habit, it’s a perfect bedding plant. Height 25cm (10); spacing 25cm (10).