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New products at Dobies

by Sarah - December 10th, 2016.
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New items at Dobies

Rootgrow 500g

Rootgrow 500g £9.99
Rootgrow (mycorrhizal fungi – mycorrhizal fungi are a remarkable group of organisms that have been benefiting plants for at least 400 million years!). Making dreams come true…A new plant treated with rootgrow mycorrhizal fungi will have the best chance of becoming the rewarding plant every gardener dreams of!Natural root enhancerFor strong, healthy, vigorous rootsImproved flowering and increased croppingOne treatment will help provide a plant with essential nutrients for its lifetimeWhat is rootgrow? Rootgrow contains species of UK origin mycorrhizal fungi, natural mineral carriers and bio-additives designed for use with your seeds, bulbs and plants.Why use rootgrow? Naturally healthy plants have an extensive network of mycorrhizal fungal roots continually exploring the soil for nutrients and water that are transported to the plant. Using rootgrow ensures your seedlings, bulbs and plants will develop this essential relationship within a matter of weeks, supporting establishment, early growth, flowering and fruitingHow to use rootgrow? Using rootgrow really couldnt be easier! Simply incorporate one or two teaspoons of rootgrow into the compost of your seed tray or pots to get your seedlings off to a roaring start. Alternatively, if you are planting a bulb or potted plant into the soil, a sprinkle of rootgrow in the hole will provide your new plant with a lifetime of support!Benefits:A single treatment will provide a plant with essential nutrients for its entire life cycleBetter plant establishmentHealthier plants with more vigorous rootsImproved flowering and increased croppingGreater drought toleranceEnvironmentally friendly and sustainable