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New products at Suttons Seeds

by Sarah - December 13th, 2016.
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Lots of new items at Suttons Seeds

Apple (E) Paridis Sparkling

Apple (E) Paridis Sparkling £24.99
When you bite into it, Sparkling explodes in your mouth. When the large cells release their juice, it feels as if CO2 is brought into play, making it seem more like a ‘sparkling’ apple than a ‘still’ one. It’s almost like a fizzy drink . . . some have even likened it to edible Prosecco! Sadly the pressed juice is still. Harvest September. Height 2.5-3m (8-10′).

Apple Tree - Redlove Era

Apple Tree – Redlove Era £24.99
An apple that’s outstanding in so many ways! Crisp and fresh with a perfect balance of sweet and tangy flavours, harvest early to mid September and eat immediately or store until Christmas. A different eating experience! The world’s first fine-tasting and scab-resistant red-fleshed apple, Redlove

Pear Shweuzerhose

Pear Shweuzerhose £24.99
This unique variety is named after the Swiss Guard uniforms. The delicious fruits are sweet with a hint of acidity. Harvest October. Height 2.5-3m (8-10′).

Apple (E) Redlove

Apple (E) Redlove £24.99
Small round apples with marbled pink flesh. Very juicy. Harvest late August-September. Height 3m+ (10′).

Apple (E) Redlove

Apple (E) Redlove £24.99
Firm and juicy apples with a sweet flavour and colured flesh. Harvest late September-October. Height 3m+ (10′).

Apple (E) Paridis Elegance

Apple (E) Paridis Elegance £24.99
Tasty, red-flushed apples. Great disease resistance and a beautiful colour. Harvest September. Height 2.5-3m (8-10′).

Pear Mini Pironi Little Sweety

Pear Mini Pironi Little Sweety £24.99
This is definitely a Little Sweety! Bred from species going back to the 19th century, it’s perfect for any soil. Eat crisp or leave to ripen and soften – the taste is so sweet! Harvest September. Height 1-1.5m I(3’3-5′). Supplied in a 5 litre pot.The extraordinary varieties featured (bar Pear Schweizerhose), have been bred by Lubera, a Swiss nursery owned by Markus Kobelt. He is passionate about fruit, and continually strives to create new and improved varieties that are easier to cultivate (all will thrive in the UK climate), more resistant to disease and always better-tasting too.

Tomato Tumbling Bella (6) & 14 Hanging Basket X 2

Tomato Tumbling Bella (6) & 14 Hanging Basket X 2 £20.00
British-bred and a vast improvement on ‘Tumbler’, which was a customer favourite for many years. This amazing producer will keep you in cherry-sized fruit from July right through to October. Each sweet little red tomato is crack resistant and grows to perfection in a basket or container environment. Compact and cascading, ‘Tumbling Bella’ is a true producer, great to snack on, or use as you would your favourite cherry tomato. In our opinion, the best hanging basket variety around. Height 30cm (12); spread 40cm (16).

Tombergine Grafted (3) P10

Tombergine Grafted (3) P10 £19.99
We’re proud to bring you this unique grafted plant experience! The experts at Suttons’ nursery have taken a special rootstock and grafted both a tomato and an aubergine onto it, to create what we’ve called a ‘Tombergine’. What that means in reality for you is that, even in a tiny space, you can enjoy an abundant harvest of mouth-watering tomatoes (ideal for salads or cooking), together with delicious aubergines, all from a single plant! It’ll be super-productive and a real talking point! Supplied in 10cm pots.


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