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Price reductions at GreenFingers

by John - December 15th, 2016.
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Reduced items at GreenFingers

Terra Split Bamboo Screening - 1m x 3m

Terra Split Bamboo Screening – 1m x 3m was £7.99 now £5.99
This 1m high Terra Split Bamboo Garden Fencing makes the ideal decorative screen for your garden helping to enhance your space as well as provide additional privacy.Made from natural bamboo it is durable and secured with galvanised wire and can be attached to an existing fence relatively easily – simply nail clip or glue. Width: 3m Height: 1m Please note: as this is a natural product the colour may vary from the image shown. This may also mean that a different size of this fence may not match in colour.

Kingfisher Fleece Grow Tunnel

Kingfisher Fleece Grow Tunnel was £6.99 now £5.99
Thanks to its lightweight fleece covering the Kingfisher Fleece Grow Tunnel is a highly effective garden tunnel to protect your lettuces carrots and a whole host of other crops from the wind cold and even pets and pests.Features:Cover material only 300 micronsCreate microclimates for each row of plantsComes with 12 study pegs to secure your tunnelNo tools required to set upWith the Kingfisher Fleece Grow Tunnel you can have all the benefits of a large garden tunnel in your backyard thanks to its compact design features. Perfect for covering specific rows of plants in the vegetable garden this easy to set up mini garden tunnel is ideal for creating microclimates for each variety of plant in your patch.While this mini garden tunnel is great for creating microclimates it is also useful as a pest and pet deterrent so that you can protect your prized plants from inquisitive or naughty animals. The net result is that your patch is sure to produce more of a yield of healthier happier plants at the end of the season.Extremely lightweight the Kingfisher Fleece Grow Tunnel is ideal for frequent moving allowing you to protect your plants with ease exactly when you want to. Requiring no fancy tools to set up this is a really simple way to give your plants a great growing environment.Dimensions:L310 x W45 xH45cm12 pegs each 12cms longGive your plants a happy growing environment with the Kingfisher Fleece Grow Tunnel and see the results!

Greenfingers Harrington Steel Arch

Greenfingers Harrington Steel Arch was £12.99 now £9.99
An elegant Greenfingers Harrington Garden Arch will look beautiful entwined with climbing plants such as clematis honeysuckle or roses. It is a lovely way to add interest to any garden and it will add height and structure to your garden. A gorgeous focal point that is sure to be admired by your friends and family.Manufactured from powder coated durable metal steel tubing this arch will look good for years to come.Colour: BlackOverall dimensions: W145 x D38 x H260cmPlease note: Greenfingers products arrive flat packed for easy home assembly. The nuts for this item are fixed within the horizontal bars and not supplied separately.

Terra FSC Fir Cold Frame - Small

Terra FSC Fir Cold Frame – Small was £16.99 now £12.99
Perfect for small gardens or patios the Terra Small FSC Fir Cold Frame allows you to start your seedlings earlier or harden off plants moved on from your greenhouse.The hinged lid can be propped open to allow for ventilation or easy access to your plants. The frame is made from high quality Fir that has been sourced from FSC Certified managed forests and features polycarbonate panels. Now you can grow your own tasty fruit vegetables or flowers safe in the knowledge they are protected from pests.Dimensions: W60 x D30 x H30cmClick here for Assembly Instructions.

Gardman Complete Wild Bird Feeding Station Kit

Gardman Complete Wild Bird Feeding Station Kit was £24.99 now £21.99
The Gardman Wild Bird Complete Feeding Station includes seed suet peanut feeders and a bird bath.Includes:5 x decorative hooks with a finial 1 x large micro mesh feeder tray2 x Black steel seed feeders1 x Premium suet feast feeder1 x Black steel peanut feeder1 x large split level bird bath with a support ringThis feeding station will entice a wide variety of wild birds into your garden. It features all that you could possibly need to feed bathe and water your feathered friends. It would also make a great gift for the bird lover in your life.Requires self-assembly. Extra strength screw together poles and quick fitting accessories. Dimensions:Full height: 226cmHeight Above Ground: 185cmWidth: 58cmCustomer Notes: Treats and seeds are not included. The location of your garden and the type of vegetation immediately around it will determine what birds will visit your feeding station and in what numbers. Siting is very important – birds will only use it if they feel safe. Also wild birds get excited and pre-occupied about bathing and tend to be more vulnerable than at other times. Make sure birds have clear visibility as they bathe with bushes or trees nearby to provide cover if alarmed and perches to use when preening.

Greenfingers Garden Storage Box  118x52cm

Greenfingers Garden Storage Box 118x52cm was £39.99 now £29.99
Excellent value for money! The Greenfingers Garden Storage Box is perfect for keeping your gardening tools or other items safe and protected from the elements whilst also giving you a good looking 2 seater bench. It comes in a choice of two colours that will complement any garden decor. Best of all self assembly is easy with no tools required!Made from heavy-duty plastic this is a durable storage box and features a handle opening on each end to aid in manoeuvrability. It also has a reinforced hinged lid for easy access.Does not lockDimensions: L118 x W52 x H51cm

Terra FSC Fir Raised Bed - W100 x D100x x H30cm

Terra FSC Fir Raised Bed – W100 x D100x x H30cm was £49.99 now £44.99
Ideal for small spaces in gardens or allotments this Terra FSC Fir Raised Bed allows you to grow and harvest your own fruit vegetables or herbs.This raised bed is made from Fir that has been sourced from FSC Certified managed forests FSC trademark licence code FSC N001623 and is also ACQ pressure treated so it will last for years to come.A raised bed is an easy way to look after your crops and also means less strain on your joints as it can be used on a platform for gardeners who have problems kneeling down. It is not only practical but also makes an attractive feature in your garden. It allows the plant roots to grow long straight and strong and you can also overcome problems with your existing soil by using new soil or an organic growing medium. Dimensions: W100 x D100 x H30cmBoard Width: 2.2cmClick here for Assembly Instructions.Customer Note: Due to this being a natural product that has been treated the colour may vary from a light green shade to a more neutral tone. Treated with ACQ pressure treatment this product is designed to last. While assembling this product it is advisable that you wear gloves and that you wash fruit and vegetables before consuming them. It is also inadvisable to burn pressure treated timber.

Ellister Premier FSC Potting Table

Ellister Premier FSC Potting Table was £59.99 now £49.99
This Ellister Premier Potting Table is a must for gardening enthusiasts. A great gardening accessory that makes a wonderful addition to any greenhouse or porch.Manufactured from high quality Fir. Wood sourced from FSC Certified managed forests. ACQ pressure treated. It is certain to have you growing all sorts of plants and is the perfect place to keep your garden essentials. The worktop area is perfect for mixing plant food and getting plants ready for potting especially with the removable inset steel tray on the left-hand side.You can store soil and fertiliser as well as empty pots on the shelf below. The handy small upper shelf is ideal for storing your small seedlings and plants. All this plus a handy drawer for your odds and ends and even handier hooks along the side! This is a solid all round potting table / bench that has a bulk of practical uses.Dimensions: 92 x 45 x 119cm highWork top: 89 x 44cm x 81.5cm highPlease Note: All Greenfingers products arrive flat-packed and will require some assembly.Click here for Assembly Instructions.Customer Note: Treated with ACQ pressure treatment this product is designed to last. While assembling this product it is advisable that you wear gloves and it is also inadvisable to burn pressure treated timber.

Greenfingers Japanese Style FSC Garden Arch

Greenfingers Japanese Style FSC Garden Arch was £71.99 now £59.99
Greenfingers Japanese Style FSC Wooden Garden Arch is striking and makes a wonderful addition to the garden helping to add height and structure. It is ideal for creating the perfect decorative garden feature – let your plants entwine around it adding a lovely splash of colour. Crafted from high quality Fir sourced from FSC Certified managed forest that is weather-resistant and robust enough for everyday use.Overall Dimensions: W131 x D45 x H238cm Internal width for arch door: 114cmHeight of posts only: 211cmStruts: 5.5 x 3.3cmClick here for Wood Information.All Greenfingers products come flat-packed for easy self assembly.Click here for Assembly Instructions.

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