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Growing leeks

by Diane - December 30th, 2016.
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I love leek and potato soup so I grow lots of leeks! It’s very nearly time to start sowing leeks again!

I started them off in a polystyrene fish box this year and they did grow better in the depth of soil. I grew four varieties and then mixed them up when I was planting them out. Whoops!
I dib them in as deep as possible so you get more of the white part. This means it’s more effort digging them up, but the reward is worth it.
You can use the darker bits in leek soup but they make it a much darker colour! I cook leeks, potato and a chicken stock cube until they’re soft and then blend it! Delicious with fresh buttered bread.

Leek Seeds – Musselburgh£1.99An extremely winter hardy variety. Good length, tasty white stems. A milder flavour substitute for onions in many culinary dishes.Thick, white, tasty stemsExtremely winter hardyTraditionally popular varietyHeritage Seed Vareity, 1919 packet details – Greatly improved stock of Musselburgh leek, far superior to the ordinary strain. Highly Commended, Royal Horticultural Society, 1918.

This is a really hardy leek! We like this sort as they will stand through a bad winter until you want to eat them!

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