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Bidens Beedance

by Diane - January 19th, 2017.
Filed under: Bedding plants, Jersey Plants.

Bidens Beedance

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Bidens Beedance 12 Jumbo Plants</a>&nbsp;&pound;14.98<br />
New Variety for 2017! Wildlife Friendly: This variety is perfect for attracting butterflies, bees and other pollinating insects to your garden this Summer. New for 2017, Bidens Beedance will produce an abundance of bright bicoloured, orange and yellow flowers borne on semi-trailing stems throughout Summer. Irresistible to both butterflies and bees, this drought tolerant variety is the perfect choice for your troughs, pots and hanging baskets.</a>

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<a href=”″ rel=”external”>Bidens Beedance 24 Jumbo Plants</a>&nbsp;&pound;24.96<br />

<a href=”″ rel=”external”>2 Burntwood Low Barrel Planters with 6 Bidens Beedance Plants + Free 10L Compost</a>&nbsp;&pound;36.99<br />