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New products at Blooming Direct

by John - January 19th, 2017.
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New items today at Blooming Direct

Lily Saver Bundle - 25 Asiatics & 25 Orientals

Lily Saver Bundle – 25 Asiatics & 25 Orientals £19.99
This stunning lily collection contains: 25 Mixed Asiatic LiliesThese bright, upward facing beauties bloom earlier than most other lilies thereby extending the season. They have strong stems to support the many blooms you get per bulb and make perfect pot or border plants, plus cut fl owers too. Guaranteed to flower, very hardy! Height 45-60cm (18-24) 25 Mixed Oriental LiliesOriental lilies are highly fragrant and fl ower year after year in beds, borders or patio pots. Each ‘double nose’ bulb should give 2 flower stems, each carrying 3-5 fragrant fl orets! Includes the ever-popular ‘Stargazer’. Height 1.2m (4ft).

Hellebore Double Queen mix - 6 x 7cm

Hellebore Double Queen mix – 6 x 7cm £19.99
The Most Beautiful Winter-Flowering Plant – and so on trend too – Hellebore Double Queen mix. Large, Ruffled & Speckled Blooms in double flowered forms. Every one is totally unique because it has come from seed! Adding delightful colour to your winter garden, these beautiful blooms, each of 2-3 diameter, are dainty to look at but incredibly tough whatever the weather! Each collection includes a mix of 6 double flowered 2 year old plants; you will get a stunning mix of colours, many with speckles and darker edges to their petals. With flowers from February – April they are a must for every Spring garden! So easy to grow, they will slowly establish into small clumps, increasing in flower number year after year – it is not uncommon to have upwards of 50 flowers in 5 years. They thrive on shade, and lower light spots, yet can be grown well in pots provided they do not dry out in summer.

Million Bells Collection x 12 Jumbo Plug Plants

Million Bells Collection x 12 Jumbo Plug Plants £12.99
Million Bells was aptly named because it smothers itself in a gargantuan quantity of bright trumpet shaped blooms from late April until the first autumn frosts. It has a wonderful compact trailing habit and when in full flush the flower cover will obliterate any sign of the lush green foliage. In most cases the background colour of the gorgeous blooms is lifted by darker veins that accentuate the throat of the trumpet and create an entrancing image in changing light levels. We have found that they are at their best in window boxes and the edge of larger containers where they seem to hug the side of the planter they even look perfect gently tumbling over the edge of raised beds or low walls. We have selected 4 gorgeous bright colours to give the widest selection available these will look tremendous in a mixed basket but also make a great addition to any basket or patio display. If you like tidy planters with maximum flower power this is the perfect plant for you!

Oriental Lily Bulbs (Mixed colours) x 25 bulbs

Oriental Lily Bulbs (Mixed colours) x 25 bulbs £9.99
Everyone loves fresh lilies in the house, and now you can grow these fragrant beuties and pick them fresh from the garden . At a fraction of the cost of florist stem prices, and yet producing a flower every single year for many years to come and so easy to grow, its all done for you in our pre-programmed bulbs. Oriental lilies have large, upward facing flowers in a pastel blend of white, pink and blush shades, as well as the ever-popular and instantly recognisable two-tone ‘Stargazer’, with its reddish centre. Martin grows them in terracotta pots, for wonderful summer displays cut them for the house or leave them to brighten the patio. Flowering in summer at between 60 and 90cm tall, the flowers will last 3 weeks from bud break. Leave them to die back in winter, and they will flourish for many more years. As a bonus, our Oriental Lilies are now all ‘Double Nose’ bulbs, so you will get twice the flower stems per bulb – now 40 flower stems per collection!!

Asiatic Lilies mixed x 25 bulbs

Asiatic Lilies mixed x 25 bulbs £9.99
Recent Lily breeding has created some huge and beautifully fragrant Oriental type Lilies, in their pinks and whites, their brighter, bolder and brighter Asiatic cousins seem to have been left out. Not any more… With their beautiful sunshine rays of colours in a range of bold ‘fruit salad shades’ in yellow, berry pink, orange and red, these vibrant and hot tropical colours really light up your hot summer garden. Short and strong enough to grow in pots, yet tall enough to cut armfuls of flowers each summer, they are versatile, and very hardy and easy. Plant en masse in large pots or in groups for maximum impact, or maybe just dot them round your garden to brighten up odd spots. Plant in Spring, and pick in Summer – and again year after year. Great value and easy to do Lilies.