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New products at Dobies

by Sarah - January 24th, 2017.
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Dobies just added these new products

Viburnum davidii Plant - Angustifolium

Viburnum davidii Plant – Angustifolium £15.99
Compact, evergreen shrub that performs well, either as a small specimen plant or part of a mixed border. Grown mainly for its attractive leaves, with distinctly marked veining, and reddish-coloured stems. Small, rather insignificant, white flowers are produced during May-June. RHS Award of Garden Merit winner. Height 50-60cm. Supplied in a 3 litre pot.

Viburnum tinus Plant - Spirit

Viburnum tinus Plant – Spirit £15.99
An evergreen upright shrub with all year interest. The dark green foliage sets off the clusters of pink buds that open to snowy-white flowers, followed by dark blue fruits in the autumn. The flowers are excellent as cut flowers and long lasting in a vase. Flowers January-March. Height 150-200cm. Supplied in a 3 litre pot. (PLEASE NOTE: Image is for illustration purpose only.)

Weigela Plant - Pink Poppet

Weigela Plant – Pink Poppet £15.99
This dwarf deciduous shrub loves the sun and will easily grow in moist, well-drained soil. Although the plant has beautiful funnel-shaped, light pink flowers it is known to attract humming birds but will not produce any viable seeds. This shrub is not high maintenance and if necessary can be pruned to shape immediately after flowering. Flowering time: May-August. Height 40cm (16); spread 40cm (16). Supplied in a 3 litre pot.

Viburnum plicatum Plant - Mariesii

Viburnum plicatum Plant – Mariesii £15.99
A large and deciduous shrub with spreading tiered branches. The ovate leaves are veined and turn to shades of red and purple in the autumn. The flowers are lacecap-heads of a creamy white colour followed by red fruit in the autumn. Flowers May-June. Height 150-200cm. Supplied in a 3 litre pot.

Weigela florida Plant - Alexandra

Weigela florida Plant – Alexandra £13.99
Weigela florida Alexandra is a an easy to grow hardy shrub producing tubular pink flowers from later spring through to early summer. The unusual dark-purple leaves add extra interest as they darken and turn almost black as they mature. Atractive to bees and butterflies and other pollinating insects. Height 200-250cm. Supplied in a 3 litre pot.

Viburnum davidii Plant

Viburnum davidii Plant £15.99
A compact and evergreen shrub with deep green leaves that have pronounced vains. Small white-pink flowers are borne on flattened heads followed by metallic blue berries that turn black and last throughout the winter. Flowers April-May. Height 100-150cm. Supplied in a 3 litre pot.

Albizia julibrissin Plant

Albizia julibrissin Plant £19.99
Silk tree or Albizia julibrissin is a small, fast growing, deciduous tree with with green leaves structured like feathers. The compound clusters of tiny pink flowers look like fluffy silk powder puffs and they attract honey bees. Flowers July-August. Height 301cm+. Supplied in a 3-4 litre pot.Hardy in most of the UK, it is deciduous with foliage falling with the first frosts, reappearing late Spring dont give up on it! As a precaution plant in a sheltered spot, perhaps a south-facing wall and protect with mulch or fleece to protect from very low temperatures.

Amelanchier aln. Plant - Obelisk

Amelanchier aln. Plant – Obelisk £19.99
Amelanchier alnifolia ‘Obelisk’ is a large shrub which is upright and has white flowers in spring. It has green leaves that will turn stunning yellow before falling off in the autumn. If well watered it is a great plant for a patio container. If required it can be pruned to the shape desired after flowering. Flowers April-May. Height 250-300cm. Supplied in a 3 litre pot.

Weigela florida Plant - Victoria

Weigela florida Plant – Victoria £14.99
Weigela Victoria provides great contrast in the garden with its deep coloured purple-bronze foliage and pink trumpet-shaped blooms. Flowering form late spring into summer bees and butterflies will undoubtedly be attracted by the necter rich flowers. Upright in habit and easy to maintain this is perfect for adding to any mixed border. Flowers May-June and August. Height 100-150cm. Supplied in a 3 litre pot.