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New products at Dobies

by Sarah - January 28th, 2017.
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Dobies just added these new items

Agastache Plant - Black Adder

Agastache Plant – Black Adder £7.99
Robust, hardy, drought-tolerant plants that will delight you with their tall, bottle-brush-like spikes of scented flowers over rich green foliage. Supplied in a 9cm pot. Black Adder – Violet-blue. Flowers July-October. Height 70-120cm (2-4′). Back of border variety.Supplied as large, well established potted plants that can be planted straight into their final positions in borders or patio containers.

Crocosmia Plant - George Davidson

Crocosmia Plant – George Davidson £7.99
Eye-catching, clump-forming, drought-tolerant border perennials, producing lush green, sword-like foliage topped by arching spikes of freesia-like blooms that blaze across the garden. George Davidson – A striking variety with clusters of pretty, ombre orange-yellow blooms. Flowers July-September. Height 60-70cm (24-28); spread 40-50cm (16-20). Middle of border variety. Flowers July-September. Supplied in a 9cm pot.Adrian Bloom says . . . Here is a tale of two Crocosmias, both almost exactly 50 years old, and raised as seedlings at Bressingham by my father Alan Bloom and his helper Percy Piper. They were a new breed of strong, hardy hybrids of South African native species. The race to fame was easily won by ‘Lucifer’, today the best known Crocosmia worldwide, bright green bladed leaves and spectacular, eye catching vermilion flame flowers. An absolutely first class perennial which I am still planting in every garden I design. But let’s not forget about ‘Emberglow’, itself like ‘Lucifer’ an erect broad leaved plant with deep crimson red glowing flowers, which appear later than ‘Lucifer’ but equally hardy and colourful in summer. Both look great with perennials and grasses. Best in sun where not too dry.

Agapanthus Plant - Northern Star

Agapanthus Plant – Northern Star £7.99
Excellent evergreen varieties, producing mounds of strap-like leaves from which arise robust flower stems topped with huge balls of bloom! Ideal for back of borders and containers, also cut flowers. Flowers June-August. Supplied in a 9cm pot. Northern Star – Dark purple buds open to star-shaped flower heads, with dark purple stripes down each petal. At the base of the leaves is a purple tint. Deciduous. Height 80-90cm (28-36).

Euphorbia Plant - Silver Swan

Euphorbia Plant – Silver Swan £7.99
These superb plants look great all year round and are very easy to grow. They’re fully hardy and are tolerant of heat and drought. Supplied in a 9cm pot. Silver Swan – Stunning variegated foliage, topped with bracts of pale green flowers, with cream margins and yellow centres to the foliage, white flowers. Height 100cm (39). Flowers April-June. Supplied in a 9cm pot.

Osmunda regalis Plant

Osmunda regalis Plant £7.99
This quick-growing, deciduous fern lives up to its regal name, prducing huge, fresh green fronds which, in autumn, turn to shades of russet-orange. Ideal for growing near ponds and streams. RHS Award of Garden Merit winner. Flowers June-September. Height 200 cm (78). Supplied in a 9cm pot.Ferns are beautiful and undemanding plants. Few of them grow in full shade or full sun, but thrive in dappled shade, or areas exposed to the morning sun.

Uncinia rubra Plant - Everflame

Uncinia rubra Plant – Everflame £7.99
A superb little, clump-forming variety boasting colourful and vividly variegated foliage; each leaf is bronze with bright red margins. Height 30cm (12). Supplied in a 9cm pot.

Gaura lindheimeri Plant - Freefolk Rosy

Gaura lindheimeri Plant – Freefolk Rosy £7.99
Unique, large, pink picotee flowers with variegated cream-and-green foliage that takes on seasonal tints when exposed to cool autumn nights. Flowers late May-September. Height 60-70cm (24-28); spread 40-50cm (16-20). Supplied in a 9cm pot.Long flowering periodLarge flowersExcellent autumn tints when cool nights

Lupin Plant - Desert Sun

Lupin Plant – Desert Sun £7.99
These superb lupins are all bred in the westcountry by the UK’s leading expert on lupins. Bred using the latest technology, they are supplied as disease-free plants, and all boast large, intensely-coloured, lightly fragrant flower spikes, set off against soft-green to greyish-green foliage. Their strong, bushy, upright habit means that staking is not necessary. Desert Sun – Rich, custard yellow, tall flower spikes, early flowering. Flowers June-August. Height 90cm (36); spread 45cm (18). Supplied in a 9cm pot.

Iberis Plant - Masterpiece

Iberis Plant – Masterpiece £7.99
Forget the usual small-flowered candytufts, these blow them out of the water! Unlike others, they bloom from spring through to autumn. Not only that, but the flowers are enormous: large, flat clusters of blooms up to 7.5cm (3) across. Plants produce mounds of evergreen, narrow, green foliage, are fully hardy and show good drought tolerance too. Height 30cm (12). Supplied in a 9cm pot. Masterpiece – Pure white flowers with a light pink centre. Spread 45cm (18). Middle of border variety.Supplied as large, well established potted plants that can be planted straight into their final positions in borders or patio containers.