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New products at GreenFingers

by John - February 3rd, 2017.
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GreenFingers has these new products today

Chapelwood Everyday No Mess Wild Bird Seed Mix 12.75kg

Chapelwood Everyday No Mess Wild Bird Seed Mix 12.75kg £9.99
Superb for all year round feeding and attracting the widest variety of birds to your garden this Everyday No Mess Wild Bird Seed from Chapelwood contains only the finest ingredients. Specifically a broader and more balanced selection of seeds and grains all of the ingredients are UK sourced and shell-less to minimise mess. The packaging benefits from a foil seal to lock in freshness. The seed can be used in feeders on the ground or on tables to attract a variety of birds to your garden. With disappearing habitats and climatic changes the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) and the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) both recommend the year-round feeding of garden birds to maintain a healthy and viable flock of native species. Feeding requirements are greater in late autumn and winter when natural resources are in shorter supply and high energy levels are also needed during spring when birds are busy breeding and raising young. Once you have established a feeding regime

Hozelock 2434 60m Hose Cart With 30m Hose

Hozelock 2434 60m Hose Cart With 30m Hose £39.99
Hozelock 60m Hose Cart comes complete with 30m of multi-purpose hose. Lightweight and freestanding this hose cart is wheeled for easy mobility without lifting. It makes a useful addition to your garden and is sure to keep it looking neat and tidy. Dimensions: 42 x 35 x 51cm high

Hozelock 4507 7L Pressure Sprayer - Standard

Hozelock 4507 7L Pressure Sprayer – Standard £22.50
The Hozelock 7 litre Standard Pressure Sprayer is a multipurpose effective pressure sprayer for applications of water insecticides pesticides fungicides and water-soluble fertilisers to your garden. It features a wide ergonomic pump handle for easy pressurisation and an adjustable cone nozzle from jet to mist.The translucent graduated bottle allows for accurate chemical mixing and dosing and the wide filling aperture enables all the components to be handily placed inside the bottle.Integrated in-built pressure release valve Innovative last drop technology1 year guaranteeCapacity: 7 litresMaximum fill volume: 5 litres

Ellister Parasol Base Section - 13.5kg

Ellister Parasol Base Section – 13.5kg £15.99
Ensure your parasol is kept secure with this Ellister Parasol Base Section. Manufactured from resin with a steel frame it is ideal for anchoring your parasol; however please note: you will need to purchase 2 or more to anchor it safely and effectively. Simply place the sections over the lips of your parasol legs. Cantilever parasols require 2 quarter-circle weights minimum regardless of the parasol diameter.Includes a handle in the middle of the curveRecommended parasol weights:2.1m-2.3m: 12kg-15kg2.5m-2.7m: 15kg-20kg3m: 20kg-30kg Dimensions: 47.5 x 65 x 3.8cm high Weight: 13.5kg Please note: the recommended weights are for good weather conditions only not for very windy conditions.Colour: black

Hozelock 2684 Ultra 9 Gun

Hozelock 2684 Ultra 9 Gun £19.99
Rose head spray hard jet adjustable cone fast fill mist and fan settings combine to make this the ultimate all purpose gun for garden watering and cleaning.

Hozelock 2676 Multispray Gun

Hozelock 2676 Multispray Gun £10.99
This Hozelock multispray gun has 5 spray patterns; powerful jet for cleaning fan for rinsing soap off cars fast-fill for filling buckets and watering cans mist for gently watering seedlings and a high definition metal rose for gentle watering. This features a lockable rear soft touch trigger which turns the water on and off while the easy to use flow control saves up to 50% water.18 x 6 x 20cm high

Hozelock 2974 Aquastorm 17 Sprinkler

Hozelock 2974 Aquastorm 17 Sprinkler £20.99
The Hozelock Aquastorm oscillating 17 sprinkler is the ultimate lawn sprinkler – specially designed to give 100% even water coverage regardless of the water pressure. There are 17 jets on the aliminium bar which gives an area coverage of up to 200m2 – perfect for lawns and established plants. The red levers adjust the watering area easily letting you water a rectangle or a part of a rectangle. The sprinkler is mounted on a stable sled which gives stability on all surfaces while the innovitaitve gearbox with built-in clutch mechanism guarantees great performance and reliability.12.5 x 48.5 x 11.3cm high

Mow Over Victorian Lawn Edging 2.3m

Mow Over Victorian Lawn Edging 2.3m £12.99
Never have to trim your lawn edge again! This innovative lawn edging means you can mow right over the edge of the specially designed 6.3cm mowing strip so you do not have to trim the edge as well. Made from durable polypropylene in a traditional Victorian rope edge design the pack contains 10 tiles. Each tile is 23cm long and can be easily cut to any length using a fine tooth saw.Suitable for any straight edge or gently curved section of lawn.Quantity: Pack of 10Dimensions: L23 x W13cm There is further 10cm spike which goes into ground.Rope height: 4cm Spike part is under rope part.

Hozelock 2398 Thru-Flow Hose Cart

Hozelock 2398 Thru-Flow Hose Cart £34.99
This Hozelock 2398 Thru-Flow Hose Cart provides the ideal base for your garden hose it can fit up to 60m of hose with a bore of 12.5mm and allows the flow of water while the hose is still coiled. Customer Note: Hose not supplied.

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